MACSA - Musical Arts Center of San Antonio, Inc. will be closed for Spring Break Sunday, March 7th through Saturday, March 13th. Please check with your teacher about lessons during this time as teachers are in charge of their own schedules.

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The #1 Piano Lessons in San Antonio For Adults & Kids

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Piano lessons in San Antonio can start as early as age 2. A piano is the best instrument for beginners as it visually and physically lays out concepts foundational to the study of music. If you learn the piano, its knowledge can easily be transferred onto other instruments, strengthening a student’s understanding of any instrument as well as music theory.

At MACSA, we have all sorts of students from those who want to play ‘just for fun’ as well as students who want to pursue the piano professionally. We teach young kids as well as mature adults. Our teaching style changes based on the student and their specific goals. There is something for everyone here!

Our one-on-one piano lessons help teachers focus on the individual learning style of each student. It also gives students more freedom to become familiar with the type of music they enjoy most. With dedicated expert piano instructors and individual lessons, MACSA has created the best way to learn piano for all ages.

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Why Choose MACSA

The Best Group of Piano Teachers
We have a diverse, talented, and highly trained group of teachers with a passion for opening the hearts and minds of students to great music. Our piano faculty includes the best group of pre-college piano teachers in Texas. We keep getting better by learning from and challenging each other!

Classes Anywhere at Anytime
Piano lessons can be scheduled at a time convenient for you. Piano teachers have state of the art equipment that make online lessons a breeze. If you decide to come for an in-person lesson you will be taught on one of MACSA’s 23 grand pianos in a professional lesson studio. Great teachers and great equipment mean great results for our students!

Personalized Lessons
Different students have different needs. Not everyone learns the same way or comes from a similar musical background. Our lessons are specifically tailored to a student’s needs, musical taste, and goals. Need a piano lesson in Spanish, Japanese, French, Ukranian, or Italian? We have teachers who can teach in the language of your choice!

Our Teaching Style

Piano Lessons For Kids
As our Founder, CEO and master piano teacher, Kenneth Thompson says “The First Teacher is the most Important Teacher!” Your child’s first piano teacher needs to bond with them and nurture their love of piano and music. Once they are ready for a more advanced teacher they need to help place them with the piano teacher most likely to continue to develop their love of music. Introducing piano lessons to your children is one of the best things you can do for them! There are countless studies that prove the value of learning music for young children. We offer piano lessons in San Antonio for children as young as 26 months and up. They can be beginners, at an intermediate level, advanced learners, or pre-professional level students.
We offer preschool beginner piano lessons and private lessons all year round.
We cultivate musical passion and encourage our students to perform to gain more experience and confidence. MACSA hosts student performances, festivals and competitions to inspire and motivate our students. MACSA’s Music Fest gives students of ALL levels a chance to perform at the famous Tobin Center for Arts in San Antonio.
While it is very important to learn proper piano technique, it is also important for students to have fun during their piano lessons. Our trained piano teachers strive to make classes enjoyable and educational for all their students.

Piano Lessons For Adults
Many adult piano students studied as children and regret ending lessons. Some have always dreamed of playing the piano and are now ready to start. More and more adults are finding how much they enjoy piano lessons with experienced piano teachers. Adults have different draws on their time and energy yet with the right piano teacher you will find you can learn faster than ever before.

MACSA Piano Teachers are available for online and in-person piano lessons from morning through late in the evening. There is a teacher and time that is right for you!

While learning piano has no age limit, most adults with no prior piano experience have to train their bodies to think and move differently. When you’re older, this may take a little longer but no fear, MACSA will get you there. Our patient and encouraging teachers will inspire you to get the most out of your time and energy in lessons. We will work at whatever pace you prefer to achieve your goals. More adults are taking lessons now than ever before so don’t put it off any longer!

How It Works

Step 1

Get In Touch
Fill out our form here or call us at (210) 361-8531 and our placement staff will get back to you in 24-48 hours. We will discuss the benefits of each available piano teacher and decide what teacher will work best for you.

We’ll then match you with one or more piano instructors that suits your needs and help you schedule your initial lesson. If you have taken piano lessons before or trained on your own, please inform our placement staff of what level you have achieved and where you think you are now so that we can make a more effective piano teacher match for you.

Step 2

First Trial Lesson
For the first lesson, the piano instructor and student will get to learn about each other to see if their learning and teaching styles are compatible. If they are not, our placement staff is happy to find you a piano teacher better suited to your needs.

Step 3

Ongoing Lessons & Performances
If you are happy with your piano teacher match, your instructor will work with you to create a weekly practice schedule. They will assign practice tasks to complete at your home. For best results for beginning and intermediate piano lessons, we recommend consistent weekly lessons 30-45 minutes long. If you are more advanced you will get best results from piano lessons of 60 to 120 minutes in length each week.

If you are the parent of a student, we will check in with you regularly to keep you up to date on your child’s progress.

We frequently host student performances to motivate our piano students and to get them accustomed to performing in front of a live audience. Performances are scheduled frequently throughout the year!

What Our Clients Are Saying

Years ago when we moved back to San Antonio we hoped and prayed to get Ken Thompson as piano teacher for my children. It worked out! He was EXCELLENT, and he was an inspiration to them in music. Now he trains and manages a whole group of fine teachers. I highly recommend his group at MACSA!
John Willing
Our children loved going to visit Miss Brenda each week for piano lessons! We could tell they were having fun when they told us stories about all the games and activities they played in class, alongside learning the fundamentals of keyboard technique at an early age. I appreciated the thorough notes she provided to me each week, which gave me tips on how to reinforce concepts at home. Brenda Boyd is a joy to work with!
Nathan Cone
Mrs. Sharon is an amazing music teacher. She has taught me everything I know about music today. I have learned piano from her for the last seven years and it has been worth it. I will always recommend her as a piano teacher to everyone. She is really kind and always listens to me and encourages me even if I mess up my music piece. I appreciate all her hard work in teaching me.
Parth G.

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What can I expect in my first lesson?2020-10-01T05:39:22-06:00

MACSA has a proven placement process that pairs you up with a teacher that would best help you reach your musical goals.  Because each student is different and each teacher is different the first lesson will also vary. Generally, there is a little bit of familiarization between the student and teacher to get to know each other, the students’ level of musical ability, and how the teacher runs music lessons.

Do I have to have my own piano?2020-10-01T05:39:32-06:00

No.  There are several piano vendors around town who offer rental and rent-to-own programs for those who are taking piano lessons. Some Teachers accept piano students who own a keyboard, but having your own piano is ideal.  MACSA can refer you to local vendors that have rental programs. However, you are free to choose any vendor you like.

How Often Should I Have Lessons?2020-10-01T05:39:57-06:00

The real problem in learning to play a new instrument or how to sing is the information attrition rate. You lose your new skills very quickly once you stop practicing. The best recommendation is to take one lesson each week.

How do I get started with piano lessons?2020-10-01T05:40:14-06:00

We’d love to have you in for a lesson. Please give us a call (210) 697-7111 or fill out this lessons form online. Click here.

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If you’re based in San Antonio and looking for in-person piano lessons near you, look no further! We have the best facility in San Antonio for in-person lessons with over 23 grand pianos for piano lessons. We have students throughout the United States working through our online platform. MACSA has invested in state of the art equipment for online piano lessons. And most of our student performances, music festivals, competitions and recitals are offered online as well as in-person. You can have a complete and results driven piano lesson experience from MACSA all online from anywhere in the world. Our skilled piano teachers are here for you, every step of the way. Book your piano lessons today.

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