Music Lessons FAQs - Piano, Voice, Violin, Drum, Guitar

Frequently Asked Questions2023-10-26T13:40:16-06:00

At MACSA we know that progress in music takes time, energy and money whether you find a great teacher or a  misguided teacher.  Finding the best teacher for you or your child is a critical step in this search.  Find a great teacher and you or your child will reach their potential.  Find a misguided teacher and you may spend years of effort and get hardly anywhere at the instrument.  We have seen this too many times when students come to MACSA from the outside.  So please, if you do not come to MACSA, find a great teacher for you or your child.  Find someone who knows how to connect, inspire and motivate your child and also knows how to teach musical literacy and piano technique.  In that way they will have something that will last a lifetime. Something that no one can take away from them.

Why should I study music at MACSA?2023-08-09T09:43:13-06:00

While many community music academies offer music lessons, MACSA offers a synthesis of personal and relational music experiences that are unmatched in quality and engagement. MACSA provides the structure necessary for individual students to thrive in all stages of their musical journey. We help clients navigate the challenges of finding instructors, engaging with the musical community, and growing both musically and personally by providing a supportive network of passionate musicians.  We have many programs dedicated to increasing student motivation from the beginning to professional level.  We also continue to train our already highly credentialed teaching faculty so that they remain on the cutting edge of music education.  As a result of these efforts MACSA alumni have developed careers on the international concert stage, gone into competitive careers such as medicine and law (attending colleges such as Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Cornell, etc.), as well as enriched themselves and their communities through teaching and performing in places of worship and schools.  MACSA has developed a national reputation as a place to learn and a place to teach.

What is MACSA Famous for?2023-08-09T09:43:19-06:00

From a student and parent perspective MACSA is famous as a place full of excellent teachers who have successfully inspired and motivated students to achieve higher and higher levels including the international stage.  From a University and College perspective MACSA graduates are sought after as students in their programs.  Furthermore Colleges and Universities across the United States know that MACSA is one of the best places for their graduates to grow their careers as teachers.  From a teacher perspective MACSA is designed to be a place of continued growth and leadership development so that they can grow professionally and also bring out the best in their students.  MACSA is set up in a way that creates a synergy between students, teachers, and the wider musical community to promote our mutual growth.

What makes MACSA different?2023-08-09T09:43:24-06:00

Because MACSA puts so much energy and investment into teacher development MACSA teachers are on the cutting edge of piano teaching.  As a result many of MACSA’s Piano teachers are leaders in the field.  This results in an environment of inspiration, motivation and growth for MACSA students of all levels of engagement.

Why do people drive from as far away as Austin and Uvalde for piano lessons at MACSA?2023-08-09T09:53:13-06:00

For over two decades students have driven from all over South Texas for Piano Lessons at MACSA.  The reason for this is that once a parent sees the difference that a high quality piano teacher can make in the life and development of their child, the sacrifice of driving becomes worth the investment of time and energy.

Why is teacher placement important at MACSA?2023-08-09T09:43:34-06:00

All MACSA piano teachers are well trained and highly qualified.  They differ in their specific approach to teaching, what levels they are experts on, what intensity level they focus on and their personal temperaments.  The teacher placement process and the Meet and Greet experience help to increase the likelihood that you or your child will successfully engage with the teacher and reach their goals and potential.

What qualifications and experience do your piano teachers have?2023-08-09T09:43:38-06:00

As a group, MACSA has the most highly qualified and experienced piano faculty of any community music school in Texas.  Our faculty includes piano professors at every college and university in San Antonio.  Our beginning teachers are expert beginning teachers and our advanced piano teachers are some of the best in Texas and the United States.

We measure this with success in piano competitions, professional level performances, placement in the top music schools in the world (such at the Eastman School of Music and The Juilliard School of Music) and the worldwide success of MACSA Alumi on the concert stage. Currently MACSA teachers had (7) Doctorates (22) Masters Degrees and (37) Bachelors Degrees in music. 

Further, MACSA teachers continue to educate themselves to stay on the cutting edge of music education.  They do this by lecturing at conferences at the state and national levels, leadership in state and national music teacher’s associations and competitions, their own performances and continuing their education through the MACSA Professional Development Sessions.

Are there any performance opportunities for piano students?2023-08-14T10:01:44-06:00

MACSA has MANY (over 100) performance opportunities for students of all ages and levels of engagement throughout the year. Performances are important motivators for students. We have monthly Performance Club recitals, end of the semester recitals for each studio, Piano Festivals, Piano Competitions, masterclasses with internationally known performers, and performance events with internationally known composers. We also host the annual MACSA Honors Recital at the McNay Art Museum and MACSA Music Fest at the Tobin Center for the Performing Arts. Each month during the school year MACSA hosts SOLI Saturdays which are open to students throughout San Antonio.

Do I need a piano at home to take piano lessons?2023-08-09T04:59:41-06:00

In order to succeed in piano lessons you need a place to practice regularly.  This can be an acoustic piano or a quality electronic keyboard.  If using an electronic keyboard it needs to have 88 keys with a weighted action and a sustain pedal.  We have helped MANY students connect with affordable options for pianos and electric keyboards.  Many beginning students choose to rent rather than buy a piano or keyboard to get started. Please ask us for advice. We would love to help you with this important question.

What are the fees or tuition rates for piano lessons?2023-08-09T04:59:49-06:00

Tuition rates depend on the teacher’s tuition level,  length of lesson and whether or not the student is on our traditional monthly payment plan or on our coaching payment plan. Please reach out to MACSA for more specific information.

What is your policy for ending piano lessons?2023-08-09T04:59:56-06:00

Students on the traditional monthly payment plan must give a two lesson advance notice to end piano lessons.  We are sorry to see you go! Lesson payments cannot be refunded. 

What teaching methods or curriculum do you follow for piano lessons?2023-08-09T05:00:03-06:00

Our piano lessons incorporate a variety of teaching methods and curricula, tailored to the individual needs and goals of each student.  For example, teachers may use Faber Piano Adventures, Alfred, Suzuki or other internationally recognized methods for beginners.  All students will learn technique, theory, and music history as part of their lessons. 

My child is serious about piano lessons. Does MACSA have a track record for students serious about piano performance?2023-08-09T05:00:09-06:00

Yes!  This is one of the ways that MACSA is set apart from other community music schools and private piano instructors.  MACSA Piano students have won top prizes in ALL piano Texas competitions over the last 25 years too many times to count, hundreds of our piano students have performed in Carnegie Hall in New York, performed over 50 times as concerto soloists with the San Antonio Symphony at both the Majestic Theater and the Tobin Center for the Performing Arts, been featured multiple times on performance and interviews on Texas Public Radio and performed four times on National Public Radio’s Showcase of the best classical performers in America “From the Top”.  

Additionally – MACSA students have been accepted and received BM, MM and DMA degrees from the top music schools in the world including the Eastman School of Music, the Juilliard School of Music, etc.  Many MACSA Alumni are now performing all over the world and are bringing music to a new generation through professorships at major universities such as the Northwestern School of Music. 

Link to Ellen Foreman Recital and Interview on TPR

Link to Ellen Foreman “From the Top”

Link to Thomas Steigerwald “From the Top”

Can I choose the instructor for my piano lessons?2023-08-09T05:00:16-06:00

Yes!  Successful student and piano teacher matching is a core value at MACSA!   It is important to not only have an effective and knowledgeable teacher, they must also be able to connect with the student on a personal level to inspire and motivate them.  We strive to match the right student with the right teacher at the right time.  Click this link for information on all MACSA Piano Teachers  

If you see someone you would like to have lessons with, simply mention this on MACSA’s “Interested in Lessons” form here

Are the piano lessons offered in group settings or one-on-one?2023-08-09T05:00:21-06:00

We primarily offer private one-on-one lessons.  

What is the difference between piano lessons and coachings?2023-08-09T05:00:28-06:00

Typically lessons occur on a regular and continuous basis throughout the year.  Students in lessons make continuous progress under the guidance of their primary teacher.  Most students who are school aged attend regular weekly lessons. Coachings are best for adult students of all levels and advanced students preparing for auditions, performances and competitions.  Coachings are scheduled at the mutual convenience of the student and teacher and can take place on a varied schedule including several times a week, every two weeks, monthly or yearly. Coaching students are looking for expert advice to prepare for a performance, require a very flexible schedule or both. 

How frequently are the piano lessons held?2023-08-09T05:00:40-06:00

Most piano lessons are held each week except during scheduled MACSA vacations.  Some students take more than one piano lesson per week while others sign up for our coaching sessions which are scheduled at the mutual convenience of the student and teacher.

How long are the piano lessons?2023-08-09T05:00:48-06:00

Our piano lessons typically range from 30 minutes to 60 minutes. The lesson length can be customized based on your preferences and level of engagement. For example, advanced students involved in piano competitions sometimes take 90 minute lessons, while beginning students usually start with 30 minute lessons.

Do I need any prior experience or knowledge to take piano lessons?2023-08-09T05:00:55-06:00

No prior experience or knowledge is required to take piano lessons. We welcome students of all skill levels, including beginners and adult students.

What age groups do you cater to for piano lessons?2023-08-09T05:01:03-06:00

We cater to students of all age groups, from young children (age 2) to adults. Our piano lessons are tailored to meet the needs of each age group and customized to the needs of each student.

What is the process for enrolling in piano lessons?2023-08-09T05:01:11-06:00

To enroll in piano lessons contact us by phone, or visit our website to fill out an Interested in Lessons form. You will then be contacted by MACSA’s Placement Director and they will begin the process of matching you or your child with piano teachers that match your goals and needs.  You will then set up Meet and Greets with potential piano teachers to make the final decisions on a good match before you begin piano lessons. 

Can I participate in piano exams or competitions through your program?2023-08-09T05:01:18-06:00

MACSA is a leader in preparing piano students for piano exams such as Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM), Piano Guild, etc.  MACSA is also a leader in preparing students for competitions from the local to international level.  Many of MACSA’s piano teachers are active competition judges, have run major competitions, and lecture on how to best prepare for high pressure performance situations such as competitions and auditions.  MACSA also has a series of its own performance events only available to MACSA students such as MACSA Performance Club, the MACSA Honors Recital at the McNay Museum of Art, MACSA Music Fest at the Tobin Center, the MACSA Achievement Awards and more.

When do you pay for a music lesson?2020-03-25T23:33:31-06:00

Tuition is due on the first day of the month. For new students, the cost of the first months lessons are prorated and are due on or before the date of the first lesson.

What can I expect in my first lesson?2020-10-01T05:39:22-06:00

MACSA has a proven placement process that pairs you up with a teacher that would best help you reach your musical goals.  Because each student is different and each teacher is different the first lesson will also vary. Generally, there is a little bit of familiarization between the student and teacher to get to know each other, the students’ level of musical ability, and how the teacher runs music lessons.

Where can I find the instrument for my student’s lessons?2020-03-25T23:32:16-06:00

MACSA is proud to have relationships with local musical instrument vendors in the San Antonio area.  We can refer you to one or our partners, but you are free to purchase or rent from any vendor of your choice.

Do I have to have my own piano?2020-10-01T05:39:32-06:00

No.  There are several piano vendors around town who offer rental and rent-to-own programs for those who are taking piano lessons. Some Teachers accept piano students who own a keyboard, but having your own piano is ideal.  MACSA can refer you to local vendors that have rental programs. However, you are free to choose any vendor you like.

Do I need to own my own instrument?2020-03-25T23:30:15-06:00

No, you can also rent your instrument. In order to practice, having access to your own instrument is important. We have partnerships with local vendors who offer rental programs and rent-to-own programs.

My question about music lessons is not listed here. Where can I go for answers?2020-03-25T23:29:18-06:00

If our site doesn’t answer all your questions, please call us directly at (210) 697-7111 or email us on our Contact Page. We’d love to talk to you and help you in any way we can. In case it’s helpful to know, our site has lots of information about our types of music lessons offered, teachers’ information, and a blog.

How Often Should I Have Lessons?2020-10-01T05:39:57-06:00

The real problem in learning to play a new instrument or how to sing is the information attrition rate. You lose your new skills very quickly once you stop practicing. The best recommendation is to take one lesson each week.

What should I bring to my music lesson?2020-03-25T23:27:41-06:00
  • Pen/pencil
  • Notebook 
  • Your Music 
  • Bottle of water (Optional, but especially for voice lessons)
How To Prepare For Your Voice Lesson?2020-03-25T23:27:00-06:00
  • Teachers will provide specific instructions on do’s and don’ts for your lessons. 
  • Teachers will also provide warm-up exercises that should do prior to lessons.
What To Wear For Your Singing Lessons2020-03-25T23:25:28-06:00

Comfortable clothing is fine for music lessons.

How do I get started with piano lessons?2020-10-01T05:40:14-06:00

We’d love to have you in for a lesson. Please give us a call (210) 697-7111 or fill out this lessons form online. Click here.

Does MACSA offer coaching lessons?2020-03-25T23:22:56-06:00

Yes, MACSA does offer coaching lessons in addition to regular weekly music lessons. So if you are preparing for a big audition or performance, MACSA can help you feel more confident and take your performance to the next level.  We can help students prepare for All-State contests, Solo and Ensemble contests, college auditions, or special performances where you need a little extra help to do your best. If you have an audition or performance coming up, it is best to reach out as soon as possible! This is also a great option for adults. Coaching lessons are also a more economical option

What if there are 5 weeks in a month, am I charged extra?2020-03-25T23:21:58-06:00

No. Tuition is not based on any certain number of lessons per month, rather it is based on 46 lessons per year. Holidays and summer breaks have been taken into account in this calendar; therefore, tuition will not change from month to month.

Are music lessons paid for monthly?2020-03-25T23:21:10-06:00

Yes, weekly lessons are paid for on a month to month basis at MACSA. 

No student is under any kind of contract. In the event that music lessons need to be canceled, we require a written notice of 2 regularly scheduled lessons. 

We also offer coaching lessons. Coaching lessons are great if you are preparing for a big audition or performance or are looking for a more economical option for music lessons. MACSA can help you feel more confident and take your performance to the next level.  We can help students prepare for All-State contests, Solo and Ensemble contests, college auditions, or special performances.

How are music lessons paid for?2020-03-25T23:19:39-06:00

We accept cash, checks, credit cards for monthly payments.  For your convenience, we also offer automatic payments with credit cards and ACH bank drafts.

What are your music lesson cancellation policies?2020-03-25T23:18:53-06:00

If you cancel your lesson giving us at least a 24 hour advance notice, you are entitled to a make up lesson on a different day from your regular lesson or by adding on extra time to a regular lesson. We know things happen that we have little control over, so we do allow for 2 make up lessons per year. Lessons canceled with less than 24 hour notice are not eligible to receive a makeup lesson, although (exceptions in cases of emergencies may be made). Your teacher will have discretion over the time of the makeup lesson. Our teachers are highly qualified and dedicated to you or your child, so we ask if you would please consider and value their time when you are planning to miss a lesson. In the event that a student of a no call/no show the lesson is not eligible for a makeup lesson or a refund.  In the rare event of a teacher canceling, the music lesson will be rescheduled.

What is a good time for music lessons?2020-03-25T23:15:03-06:00

We seem to always be able to offer a time that makes our students happy. We are open 7 days a week from 7:30 AM to 10 PM for lessons, so you can select a time that fits your schedule comfortably.

How should parents be kept informed about their child’s music lessons?2020-03-25T23:14:09-06:00

In the case of a younger student, the parents are involved in the process of determining the path for the student. Our priority is to have clear and regular communication with parents, keeping them up to date on the student’s direction and progress.

What ages are appropriate for music lessons?2020-03-25T23:12:54-06:00

We teach both adults and children from ages 26 months and up. We teach all levels from beginning to advanced. Our teachers are highly qualified to support all levels of players and make the lessons meaningful, rich, and interesting for all ages.

What qualifications should a music teacher have?2021-12-08T08:11:22-06:00

At MACSA, all of our 39 teachers at least have a Bachelor’s Degree in performance or music. 25 of our teachers have a Master’s Degree in Music and 5 have a Doctorate of Musical Arts.  This is not the case for all private music schools and this is something that sets MACSA apart from other institutions where you can receive music lessons. 

  • Averett University
  • Baylor University
  • California State University-Long Beach
  • Catholic University of America, Washington DC
  • Cedarville University
  • College-Conservatory of Music at the University of Cincinnati
  • Conservatorio del Estado de Puebla, Mexico
  • Eastern Michigan University
  • Eastman School of Music
  • Florida State University
  • Grove City College
  • Hong Kong Baptist College
  • Indiana University
  • Missouri State University
  • National Conservatory of Music, Bulgaria
  • Our teacher have studied at the following schools: 
  • Peabody Conservatory of Johns Hopkins University
  • Showa Conservatory of Music in Tokyo
  • Southwestern University
  • St. Mary’s University
  • Texas A & M University-Corpus Christi
  • Texas State University
  • The Conservatory of Music of Puerto Rico
  • Trinity University
  • University of Colorado at Boulder
  • University of Houston
  • University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • University of Iowa
  • University of Maine
  • University of Maryland, Baltimore
  • University of Missouri at Columbia
  • University of Montemorelos
  • University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • University of North Texas
  • University of Oklahoma
  • University of Southern California
  • University of Texas at San Antonio
  • University of the Incarnate Word
What styles of music are taught in a music lesson?2020-03-25T23:06:04-06:00

We have over 39 highly dedicated, experienced, and qualified teachers that are accomplished in classical, jazz, folk, rock, country, blues, gospel, religious and various cultural music, as well as composition and improvisation.

What should be taught in a piano lesson?2020-03-25T23:02:36-06:00

This question is often asked by prospective students, and the answer varies for each individual. Our teachers make it a priority to get to know you on a personal level and to become familiar with your personal musical needs and goals. From students studying serious classical music, people who want to be accomplished pop and jazz players, to professional musicians that want to fine-tune their craft, the teachers at MACSA cater to everyone. They work with you to make a plan that fits your needs and musical preferences. In the first lesson, your teacher will do their best to get to know you. If you can, prior to your first music lesson, think of your favorite types of music and set goals to accomplish whatever musical aspirations you have for yourself or your child. Then share these with your teacher and you are on your way to success!

How long are music lessons?2020-03-25T23:01:12-06:00

Beginning students of all ages can enroll in 30 or 45-minute lessons. As students progress, the length of their lesson may need to be increased with consultation with their teacher. When a student progresses and is no longer considered a beginner, lessons time is normally 60 minutes. Generally, more advanced students need longer lessons that can last for 90-120 minutes.

Should I plan on participating in the lessons?2020-03-25T22:59:43-06:00

In our experience, we have found that parental involvement is key to student success regardless of the teaching method. We encourage parents to sit in the lessons though many do not. Keep in mind that it is our policy that students 13 and under are not to be left unattended.

How do I choose the teaching method that is best for my child?2020-03-25T22:57:40-06:00

Don’t worry, you don’t need to be an expert in music education to get the most out of your lessons! In your initial consultation with us, we will discuss the benefits of each available method and decide what will work best for your family.  The first teacher is the most important teacher. They must be able to bond with and inspire their students as well as be excellent sharing their knowledge of music. MACSA is committed to matching the best teacher with you or your child. Most teacher Meet and Greets are free and you make the final decision on the best teacher match.

How much do lessons cost?2023-03-14T14:59:54-06:00

The cost for music lessons varies per teacher, lesson type, and skill level. Teachers at MACSA have a monthly rate starting at $151.50. These rates are for private lessons once a week, based on forty-six lessons per year. Lesson times can be 30, 45, 60 minutes or longer each week.

Can adults take music lessons?2020-03-25T22:49:27-06:00

Absolutely! Our teachers are experienced with students of all ages. We have more than 100 adult students who take lessons for a variety of reasons. Some parents choose to take lessons alongside their children. Some of our adult students took lessons as kids or played in their middle school orchestra, but many have never played an instrument before. It’s never too late to start!
We offer weekly music lessons for adults as well as coaching lessons. Depending on your goals, regular weekly music lessons are the most popular option but coaching lessons are another more economical option. Contact MACSA, share your goals, and we can recommend which approach is best to help you reach your goals.

What is a good age to start lessons?2020-03-25T22:42:49-06:00

MACSA has music teachers that begin teaching music lessons for kids as young as 26 months, specifically for children’s piano lessons. Our teachers are experienced in working with students of all ages. Students who want to start before they are 5 have several options including preschool piano lessons, vocal lessons for readiness, and violin lessons for kids. Any age over 26 months is a good age to add music to your life.

I have an audition/performance or competition coming up, can I sign up for lessons to get ready?2023-08-09T09:43:51-06:00

Yes!  Sign up for one or more coaching sessions with some of the top piano teachers in Texas!

I am interested in teaching piano at MACSA. What benefits do you offer?2023-08-09T09:43:59-06:00

MACSA is the best option for piano teachers who want to continue to grow as teachers both in professional skills and size of teaching studio.  All MACSA teachers are employees rather than independent contractors which allows the organization to fully support you and the growth of your studio.  We provide grand pianos in every piano studio, continued career development and education, a stipend to repay membership in professional teacher organizations, opportunities to be part of our administrative team while also growing your studio, Apple iPads or Macbooks for online lessons, an exciting environment that motivates students and teachers toward growth, a 401K plan and for our full time teachers full payment of Tier 1 of our Health Insurance offerings.  

What kind of facilities do you have at MACSA for piano lessons?2023-08-09T09:44:04-06:00

MACSA has facilities that rival those of a college or university music school.  With our two locations we have over 10,000 square feet of space, 34 sound proofed teaching studios, grand pianos in each piano studio (# total), a recital hall, and numerous additional upright and digital pianos.  For online lessons we provide both enterprise level Wifi and ethernet as well as Apple iPads, MacBooks, cameras and microphones for our piano teachers.

I am an adult piano student, do you have piano lessons for adults?2023-08-09T09:44:08-06:00

Yes!  We welcome adult students at MACSA!  We have over one hundred adults studying with our teachers each week.  Adults can participate in all MACSA performance, festival and competition events.  We even have special informal performance meetings for adult students where you can try out the music you are working on in a supportive atmosphere with other adult students.  

Does MACSA offer piano lessons in the summer?2023-08-09T09:44:18-06:00

MACSA offers piano lessons throughout the entire year including the summer.

Can I learn to play a specific genre or style of music, such as classical, jazz, or pop?2023-08-09T09:44:22-06:00

Yes, you can learn to play a specific genre or style of music during your piano lessons. Our instructors have expertise in various genres.  We have found that for all genres, including jazz and pop, it is still important to learn the basics of music reading and music theory. As a result all piano students will be encouraged to become musically literate.  Musical literacy gives the student the ability to learn on their own and make music for a lifetime.

Can I choose the duration and frequency of piano lessons?2023-08-09T09:44:27-06:00

Lessons on MACSA’s Traditional monthly plan are once per week (except when we are closed for breaks) and last 30, 45, 60, 90 or 120 minutes.  Students needing flexibility on times and frequency (for example an adult student seeking lessons once or twice a month) should sign up for our coaching lessons which are scheduled at the mutual convenience of the student and teacher. 

How long does it typically take to progress from beginner to an advanced level in piano playing?2023-08-09T09:44:31-06:00

The time it takes to progress from beginner to an advanced level in piano playing varies for each student. It depends on factors such as practice consistency, natural aptitude, and the amount of effort invested.  These are elements that the student and parent bring to the equation.  What MACSA offers those who want to progress to advanced level are expert teacher-leaders who show you the best and most engaging path towards success at the advanced level.  Students who seek to grow must have consistent practice, follow the directions of their teacher and be shown a clear path forward.  MACSA teachers have shown again and again an ability to bring students to the advanced level where they continue to thrive.

What is your policy on parental involvement during piano lessons?2023-08-09T09:44:37-06:00

Parental involvement makes a major impact on student success.  As such we encourage parental involvement, especially for younger students. For students age 13 and under we strongly encourage parents to be in the teaching room to better understand how to help their child succeed.  For very young students parents must attend the lesson or remain in the building to help with the young child as needed. 

Do you offer online piano lessons?2023-08-09T09:44:43-06:00

Yes, we offer online piano lessons for those who prefer remote learning or are unable to attend in-person sessions. Our online lessons provide the same level of instruction and interaction as our in-person lessons.  Some piano students do elect to mix in-person and online lessons depending on their week to week convenience. 

Can I switch piano instructors if needed?2023-08-09T09:44:48-06:00

We encourage you to stay with your piano teacher once lessons have started.  Many times changes in teaching style and/or goals can be accommodated with the same teacher.  This helps to create continuity for the student.  It is best for you to address concerns about teaching style and goals directly with your teacher before reaching out to MACSA.  We have often found that clear communication directly between the parents and the teacher resolves these issues.  If you reach out to MACSA asking about a potential teacher change we will reach out to the current teacher to see if we can resolve the issue.  If the student still desires to change we will then begin the teacher transfer process.

How do I schedule and manage my piano lesson appointments?2023-08-09T09:44:56-06:00

Piano lessons are usually at the same time and day each week on our traditional monthly plan.  Coaching students schedule their lessons at the mutual convenience of themselves and their teacher.  MACSA teachers are in charge of their own schedules.  If a student needs to cancel a lesson or change lesson times please communicate directly with your teacher.