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6 Tips for Learning Piano Music Theory for Beginners

Music has been used as a form of artistic expression for thousands of years. While there have been countless innovations that have changed the way we create and consume music, the piano is a timeless instrument that evokes emotions few others can. For those learning to play piano, learning piano music ... Read More

10 Beautiful Piano Songs to Learn and Play

Learning to play an instrument can make a person's confidence soar, no matter their age. But it can be a bumpy road for little ones when the pace of learning seems slow and the songs just aren't sticking. They might even start feeling a bit down. Here's the good news: picking the ... Read More

The Magic of Music: Why You Should Learn to Play an Instrument

Music, often described as the universal language, has the power to evoke emotions, transcend cultural boundaries, and create a sense of connection. While listening to music is a wonderful experience in itself, the magic becomes even more profound when you actively engage with it by learning to play an instrument. ... Read More

How Hard Is It to Learn Violin?

In the hands of legendary violinists like Itzhak Perlman and Lindsey Stirling, the violin becomes something magical. When these talented professionals play, they move hearts and stir souls. How hard is it to learn violin? These violinists make it look so easy! The truth is, learning to play the violin, like any ... Read More

7 Benefits of Voice Lessons for Adults

At least 5% of the population is tone-deaf. They can’t accurately distinguish how high or low a note is. Is it a waste of time to try to correct this issue later in life with voice lessons? The short answer is no. Everyone from the most tone-deaf to the most experienced can ... Read More

6 Benefits of Taking Violin Lessons

Do you dream of learning a new instrument as an adult? It’s not too late. Research shows 9% of Americans learn how to play instruments as adults. The violin is an especially excellent instrument to practice playing if you’re 18 years old or older. Let’s explore six incredible benefits of adult violin ... Read More

10 Best Songs on the Piano for Beginners To Learn

Learning songs on the piano can make you more successful in life. If you know how to play the piano, you can sharpen your concentration and learn a lot about perseverance. Imagine how much time and effort it takes to learn a song fluently by heart. Now picture yourself bringing this rhythm ... Read More