Learning to play an instrument can make a person’s confidence soar, no matter their age. But it can be a bumpy road for little ones when the pace of learning seems slow and the songs just aren’t sticking. They might even start feeling a bit down.

Here’s the good news: picking the right beginner piano songs turns music lessons into a magical journey for your children. They’ll be sounding like pros before you know it, and nothing beats seeing that proud grin on their faces.

Keep reading for ten simple songs to play on the piano. These tunes are handpicked for the young, eager musicians in your family.

1. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Start with something familiar. Everyone knows “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star,” making it one of the best piano songs for kids.

Like a star flashing in the night sky, the beauty of the song lies in its simplicity. The piano chords are beginner-friendly, consisting mainly of C major and G major.

The notes echo the lyrics, which quickly imprint on a child’s mind. They’ll have no problem pairing words with the rhythm.

Wait for the moment your child recognizes their much-loved lullaby coming to life from their fingertips. Their beaming expression will surely warm your heart.

2. Ode to Joy

Beethoven might sound big, but “Ode to Joy” is surprisingly one of the most accessible piano songs for beginners. Its uplifting melody will give kids a sense of accomplishment as they play.

The song’s straightforward patterns help them understand the musical structure. It’s in the key of C Major, which means no sharps or flats are in the basic melody. This eliminates the need to handle black keys when starting.

For a basic rendition, the player’s hands don’t have to move much from the position they start in. Young pianists will appreciate this relief from complex hand choreography.

3. Row, Row, Row Your Boat

“Row, Row, Row Your Boat” is a light-hearted favorite, known for its easy piano chords. This three-chord structure (C, G, C) repeats with every verse.

Thanks to its casual rhythm and clear melody pattern, the tune offers a pleasant introduction to musical fundamentals like timing and rhythm. These are essential skills when learning a new instrument.

4. Old MacDonald Had a Farm

This lively song never fails to entertain. “Old MacDonald Had a Farm” is a playful melody that helps children learn different notes while having fun.

“Old MacDonald Had a Farm” relies on basic notes. You’ll notice a repeating C-G pattern.

Because the song unfolds in a sequence, it’s easier for children to understand changes in tones and melodies. Moreover, the melody is split between both hands. This assists in developing left-hand and right-hand coordination.

5. The Can-Can

Incorporate a bit of drama with “The Can-Can.” Its fast pace is challenging, but the repetitive piano chords simplify the piece.

The beginner-friendly versions of “Can-Can” combine notes from the C major scale with simple melodies, instead of the full orchestral score. Young pianists can manage it easily.

The song is meant to be lively and playful. For kids who love a challenge, this is the perfect tune.

6. Mary Had a Little Lamb

Simple piano songs like this boost learners’ confidence swiftly. They may even master this tune faster than many others.

The melody of this song consists of a repeated pattern of notes: E-D-C-D-E-E-E, followed by D-D-D, and concluded with E-G-G. This straightforward sequence optimizes musical memory retention.

Given its simple pattern, children will find their first encounters with music to be uplifting and enjoyable. This experience will fuel their desire to learn more and kindle a lifelong love for music.

7. Pachelbel’s Canon

For a taste of the baroque era, introduce them to Pachelbel’s “Canon in D.” Simplified versions make it an excellent choice for young ones learning popular songs to play on the piano.

It’s a piece that weaves a beautiful melody using a sequence of chords in the key of D major. It progresses from D major to A major, B minor, F# minor, G major, back to D major, then G major, and concludes with A major. With regular practice, even beginners find these chords easy to play.

8. Fur Elise

Even a reduced version of Beethoven’s “Für Elise” can make beginners feel like accomplished pianists. The notes in the simplified version can differ depending on the arrangement. Most beginner versions focus on a stripped-down melody in the key of A minor.

This version works well because it relies on repetition, which simplifies learning and memorization for the children. Moreover, even in its simplest form, it bravely carries the essence of the original masterpiece.

9. Jingle Bells

Around the holidays, “Jingle Bells” is a hit. The melody is bright, and playing it brings out the festive spirit. Kids will find the piano chords easy to grasp and adore sharing the holiday cheer through music.

The chords generally progress from G to C, A minor to D7, and then back to G. As the song proceeds, interactions with B minor and E minor chords will follow. The song sticks to this set of chords, creating a repeating loop that helps learners pick up the rhythm.

10. You Are My Sunshine

End on a loving note with “You Are My Sunshine.” Children love playing songs with emotional meaning, and this one’s a gem.

This heartfelt song has undemanding chords and a tender melody. In a basic arrangement, children will play in the key of C. The melody can be played with the right hand, using simple note sequences that are quick to learn.

Making Songs to Play on the Piano Easy

Instilling a love for music is easy with these ten simple songs to play on the piano. Your children’s confidence will grow as they master familiar melodies and discover the beauty of piano playing.

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