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April 2024

6 Tips for Learning Piano Music Theory for Beginners

2024-04-02T00:04:14-06:00April 2nd, 2024|Piano Lessons|

Music has been used as a form of artistic expression for thousands of years. While there have been countless innovations that have changed the way we create and consume music, the piano is a timeless instrument that evokes emotions few others can. For those learning to play piano, learning piano music theory is essential. Not only will this help improve your playing skills, it will also help you understand the logic behind the notes you play. We've put together a brief ... Read More

February 2024

10 Beautiful Piano Songs to Learn and Play

2024-02-21T23:55:08-06:00February 21st, 2024|Piano Lessons|

Learning to play an instrument can make a person's confidence soar, no matter their age. But it can be a bumpy road for little ones when the pace of learning seems slow and the songs just aren't sticking. They might even start feeling a bit down. Here's the good news: picking the right beginner piano songs turns music lessons into a magical journey for your children. They'll be sounding like pros before you know it, and nothing beats seeing that proud grin ... Read More

January 2024

Building Your Musical Muscle Memory: Piano Exercises for Beginners

2024-01-16T22:45:18-06:00January 16th, 2024|Piano Lessons|

It's never too early for a child to embrace the piano. Children with a passion and flair for music have the potential to become the next Martha Argerich or Lang Lang. But like any talent, it needs nurturing - and plenty of practice. And that starts with choosing the right piano exercises. Regular exercises will help strengthen the fingers and help your child develop control over the keys. Here are some of the best piano exercises for beginners. Five-Finger Pattern ... Read More

June 2023

10 Best Songs on the Piano for Beginners To Learn

2023-06-15T08:17:44-06:00June 15th, 2023|Piano Lessons|

Learning songs on the piano can make you more successful in life. If you know how to play the piano, you can sharpen your concentration and learn a lot about perseverance. Imagine how much time and effort it takes to learn a song fluently by heart. Now picture yourself bringing this rhythm to life through your fingers and memory skills by performing on a piano. Here is what you should know about learning piano and why a piano teacher can become your ... Read More

May 2023

Brain Booster: 4 Surprising Benefits of Playing the Piano

2023-05-09T05:10:06-06:00May 3rd, 2023|Piano Lessons|

Did you know that the piano was invented in 1700? Since then, it has been one of the most popular instruments in the world. It is also one of the most mentally challenging instruments. This is because the piano can stimulate your brain in many different ways. A piano brain booster can improve your cognitive health, too. But what are the mental benefits of playing the piano? Keep reading and learn more about it below. 1. Playing Music Improves Mental Health ... Read More

February 2023

The Complete Guide to Choosing a Piano Teacher in San Antonio, TX

2023-03-29T06:36:40-06:00February 23rd, 2023|Piano Lessons|

There are over 13,500 piano teachers in the US. That means when you Google search for one in San Antonio, TX, you're bound to get a ton of results. It can be a bit overwhelming. The good news is that there are plenty of ways to narrow down your options. Look for someone who practices good technique. Get a referral from the music program at your child's school, and don't forget to check out a teacher's background before you hire them. These ... Read More

September 2022

7 Reasons to Sign Your Child Up for Piano Lessons

2022-09-21T04:55:23-06:00September 19th, 2022|Blog Category - Music Lessons, Piano Lessons|

Enrolling your kids in sports is a great option. They gain the chance at building leadership skills and teamwork. What if your child were to gain more than just that from a hobby? When you sign your child up to learn an instrument you give them an opportunity to continue building something they will benefit from for the rest of their lives. Piano lessons are more than just a Sunday morning showcase of athleticism. Piano lessons give your child a ... Read More