MACSA - Musical Arts Center of San Antonio, Inc. will be closed for Spring Break Sunday, March 7th through Saturday, March 13th. Please check with your teacher about lessons during this time as teachers are in charge of their own schedules.

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The Musical Arts Center of San Antonio, Inc. (MACSA) brings to you a range of music lessons and programs to suit all ages. Create a more musical tomorrow and sign up for your first lesson today!

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Our experienced piano faculty are known to be the best set of pre-college piano teachers in Texas. Because of that, we have parents who drive their kids to us for weekly piano lessons from Austin, Laredo, Uvalde, and towns in between. Piano lessons at MACSA are by far our most popular lessons.

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Boy playing violin

The violin is one of the most challenging instruments to learn as a beginner, but it is no match for us. Whether your child is in an orchestra or interested in taking up the violin, our teachers can help. We also offer private lessons for the viola and the cello.

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man playing guitar

Have you always dreamed of becoming a rockstar or maybe you just want to brush up on your guitar skills? Whatever it is, we have guitar lessons in San Antonio that will take care of all your musical needs. Our guitar instructors can help you master the acoustic, electric, or bass guitar and offer custom lessons based on the level you are at and what you are looking to accomplish.

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We offer private voice lessons for all age groups and experience levels. Our voice teachers are classically trained with significant musical theater experience. Classical vocal technique is the base for our singing lessons but we also offer training for students interested in pop and contemporary styles. If you prefer real-world singing like rock, country, blues, Latino, or just Top 40s, we will teach you the theories and methods to take you as far as you want to go.

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Keep The Music Playing at Home

We offer private online lessons to our students for their convenience. No matter where in the world you are, our excellent music teachers can connect with you.

Our one-on-one virtual lessons are live and students receive undivided attention from their teachers as they practice. All our lessons are customized to prioritize each student’s individual music goals.

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Our Programs

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Pre-K Programs

The first teacher is the most important teacher. We believe in starting young. Kids pick up and learn things quickly so it’s easier to get them off to a great start. Friendly teachers make learning fun for our youngest learners.

Among various other classes within this age group, our most popular class is the preschool beginner piano lessons that are offered in small group classes or as private lessons all year round. It is designed for the budding pianist and aims to create a firm foundation in the basics of music and introduction to piano.

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Youth Programs

It’s never too late to start! We offer beginner to pre-professional lessons by some of the best music teachers in Texas. In this age group, we have noticed that our students usually have a newfound passion for music and are seriously interested in pursuing it. We help to cultivate that passion and push our students into performance opportunities to gain more experience and confidence. All our lessons are suitable for youth learners.

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Adult Programs

We are excited to work with adult learners. We understand it can be challenging to learn a new instrument or take up a new hobby at a later age. Fear no more — our patient and encouraging teachers will inspire you to get the most out of your time and energy in lessons. We will work at whatever pace you prefer to achieve your goals. Beginner or advanced, you will be delighted with what you can achieve with the right teacher.

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Areas Served

We cater to residents of San Antonio and its surrounding areas including:

If you don’t live close to any of our locations, you can still opt for online private lessons. Get in touch with us today to learn more.

Enjoy Performances By Our Students

At MACSA, we periodically host performance shows to showcase our talent and to get our students accustomed to performing in front of a live audience. Here are clips of some of the past performances.

Our Blog

We are passionate about music and have been giving lessons in San Antonio for 21 years. Through our musical journey, we have picked up a lot of tricks of the trade and have put them together for you.

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How much do lessons cost?

The cost of music lessons varies per teacher, lesson type, and skill level. Teachers at MACSA have a monthly rate starting at $124. These rates are for private lessons once a week, based on forty-six lessons per year. Lesson times can be 30, 45, 60 minutes, or longer.

What is a good age to start lessons?

MACSA has music teachers that begin teaching music lessons for kids as young as 26 months, specifically for children’s piano lessons. Our teachers are experienced in working with students of all ages. Students who want to start before they are 5 have several options including preschool piano lessons, vocal lessons for readiness, and violin lessons for kids. Any age over 26 months is a good age to add music to your life.

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