Peter Steigerwald

Bachelor of Music in Piano Performance, University of Houston
Master of Music in Piano Performance, University of Texas at Austin

I desire for each of my students to discover joy and fulfillment in making music, while acquiring the excellence in skill that will support a life-long love of playing. I strive to provide students with a thorough and well-rounded musical education that covers technique, theory, artistry, and performance. As these skills develop, students find new capabilities of self-expression as they explore great music, both new and old. At all skill levels, I encourage my students to see themselves as artists and provide opportunities for them to share their music with others. In addition to studio recitals, my students participate in festivals and competitions as appropriate to their level.

I particularly enjoy the uniqueness of collaborating with each individual student, tailoring the piece selection to fit their personality and the overall lesson direction to fit their goals, all while presenting new possibilities and experiences along the way. As with any artistic endeavor, a piano student’s progress is dependent on their dedication and practice, with the teacher being there to anticipate roadblocks, provide solutions, and inspire artistry. I assist each student in continually developing their talent, celebrating their accomplishments while always pushing on to new horizons in skill and artistry.


Peter discovered his passion for teaching during his freshman year at the University of Houston. He began teaching part time during that year, and soon found working with students to be just as rewarding as honing his own skills. Peter started his own musical journey with piano lessons at age 6, and then at age 13 he become a student of MACSA Executive Director Kenneth Thompson. Peter did undergraduate studies with Nancy Weems at the University of Houston, where he graduated summa cum laude with University Honors and Honors in Major. He continued his education at the University of Texas at Austin, receiving a master’s degree in piano performance while studying with Anton Nel. Upon finishing the degree in 2010, Peter transitioned into teaching full time at MACSA.

Peter lives in San Marcos with his wife Sara, their toddler son Samuel, and little one number two, Roque! Peter enjoys working as a co-minister of music at his local church, and he especially loves playtime with Samuel. If Samuel is asleep, Peter can be found reading a book, watching a TV show, or trying to remember what sleeping in was like.