About Musical Arts Center of San Antonio, Inc

Kenneth Thompson, Founder & CEO

MACSA, Inc is a diverse, talented and highly trained group of teachers. We have a passion for opening the hearts and minds of our students to great music. We meet our students where they are and use music to bring out the best in them.  We teach them to add beauty to the world and to use music to give back to those in need. This requires a relentless focus on teaching quality and a passion for doing what is right for our students.

The most important teacher is the first teacher. The engagement, skill, passion and quality level of the first teacher will set you on a path of joy and discovery or struggle and disappointment. If you seek music lesson for fun, enrichment, emotional health, cognitive development, or to grace the concert stage choose that first teacher very carefully. Our musical growth is sacred ground. Choose the best teacher you can and behold the results as your child grows beyond what you thought was possible. MACSA, Inc has the best music teaching faculty in Texas. If you do not work with us – please find a teacher who is the best match. Finding the right teacher for your child at the right time in their development is more important than coming to us.

Kenneth Thompson