Dr. Jimmy Cheung

Northwest and Stone Oak

6 and up, beginner to advanced

Doctor of Musical Arts in Piano Performance, University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music
Artist Diploma in Piano Performance, University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music
Master of Music in Piano Performance, Royal College of Music, London
Bachelor of Music in Piano Performance, Royal College of Music, London

Teaching Philosophy

My teaching philosophy revolves around the teacher as a catalyst for learning, empowering students with tools and knowledge to cultivate skills for success. A pivotal aspect is fostering active listening skills, enabling students to recognize potential areas for improvement and growth. I adopt an inquisitive approach, stimulating students to delve into self-assessment, enriching their understanding of their own performance. My teaching solidifies robust technical foundations, allowing ideas to materialize into expressive reality. I excel as a problem-solver, deftly observing, visualizing, and offering flexible solutions to technical challenges. My teaching also embraces pragmatism, providing actionable feedback to guide progress. Realizing that learning is a journey rather than a destination, I foster a growth mindset in students by constantly acknowledging progress and development. Equipping students with crucial 21st-century musician skills, I nurture creativity, self-motivation, and individuality. Ultimately, my aspiration is to kindle their transformation into proficient musicians and imaginative, self-driven artists. This philosophy underscores my commitment to facilitating holistic growth and inspiring enduring musical excellence.


Chi Hoi Jimmy Cheung is an emerging artist with a versatile career as an educator, performer, and collaborator.

An accomplished pianist, he is a laureate in numerous national and international competitions, including the Ohio International Piano Duet and Duo Competitions, Robert B. Beardsley Piano Prize Competition, Ohio Music Teachers Association (OMTA) Young Artist Piano Competition, Tuesday Musical Scholarship Competition, and the Birmingham International Piano Competition in the United Kingdom. He has performed in major venues including Steinway Hall, Royal Albert Hall, and Austrian Cultural Forum.

Cheung completed Doctor of Musical Arts and Artist Diploma degrees from the University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music (CCM), where he studied with Ran Dank and James Tocco and served as a Graduate Teaching Assistant in Piano. His previous education was in London, United Kingdom, where he earned Master of Music and Bachelor of Music degrees from the Royal College of Music as a scholarship student.

Cheung is currently a Piano Instructor at the Musical Arts Center of San Antonio, while maintaining an active performing schedule. Previous appointments include faculty positions at Xavier University and CCM. He has also mentored pre-college students at CCM Prep.


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