Angela Lau

7 and up, beginner to advanced

Doctor of Musical Arts in Piano Performance (in progress), University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music
Master of Music in Piano Performance, University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music
Bachelor of Music in Piano Performance, Royal College of Music, London

Teaching Philosophy

My teaching philosophy is anchored in fostering student independence and nurturing their unique musical perceptions. Recognizing that each student interacts with music distinctively, I avoid imposing my interpretations, instead choosing to explore music through their individual lenses.

Central to my teaching is the encouragement of an inquiring mind. I firmly believe that students with a curiosity for music gain a deeper, more comprehensive understanding. In my studio, I urge students to proactively discuss their repertoire challenges, fostering a sense of ownership in their learning journey. This not only helps me tailor my guidance but also enhances their engagement and self-motivation.

Incorporating technique seamlessly into repertoire work is key in my teaching. I believe that a solid technical foundation enables students to perform with greater freedom and expressiveness. By integrating technical exercises within musical pieces, students enjoy the learning process more and gain confidence in tackling complex passages.

Ultimately, my goal is to guide students towards artistic independence. This involves stimulating their curiosity, ensuring a strong technical foundation, and encouraging them to explore their creative voices. My teaching aims at empowering students to become confident, independent musicians, capable of finding joy and fulfillment in their musical pursuits.


Pui Yee Angela Lau is a dynamic artist, skillfully navigating roles as an educator, performer, and collaborative pianist.

A seasoned pianist, she has earned accolades in various international competitions, including Seattle International Piano Competition, Ann and Charles Eisemann International Young Artists Competition, Ohio International Piano Duet and Duo Competition, and Tuesday Musical Scholarship. As part of the CCMpower Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Grant, she performed and commissioned Hong Kong piano compositions in spring 2024.

Lau completed Master of Music degree from the University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music (CCM) where she studied with Soyeon Kate Lee and is currently advancing a Doctor of Musical Arts degree. During her tenure at CCM, Lau served as a Graduate Teaching Assistant. Her previous education was in United Kingdom, where she earned Bachelor of Music degree from Royal College of Music, London.

Prior to joining the faculty of the Musical Arts Center of San Antonio, she held collaborative positions at Xavier University.