Alexis Barton

Northwest and Stone Oak

Piano, Events Director
Ages 5 to Adult, Beginner to Advanced

Bachelor of Arts in Music,Northern Arizona University
Master of Music in Piano Performance and Pedagogy,University of Oklahoma

Teaching Philosophy

Music should be a source of joy for all students. My teaching philosophy is based on the principle that every student has the potential to develop their musical abilities with individualized guidance. From a general perspective, I encourage all of my students to develop an appreciation for various types of music, an understanding of healthy piano technique, and knowledge of music theory. Since each student is unique, I strive to understand the student’s individual goals and tailor our lessons to their interests and learning style. I see myself and the student as a team. Just as I hope they will learn, I expect myself to learn and grow as a teacher alongside them.

In addition, I also hope that my students will gain confidence in their ability to succeed in any endeavor. I seek to facilitate a sense of accomplishment in my students by encouraging them to challenge themselves, set goals, and celebrate their successes. Whether my students choose to pursue music professionally, play for fun, or end up pursuing something other than music entirely, I want to leave them with fond memories of their time at the piano and a lifelong love for music.


Originally from Chandler, Arizona, Alexis began playing the piano at the age of 8, and quickly developed a passion for music. While pursuing a chemistry degree during college, she continued to make music an important part of her life, working as a student accompanist, performing with the university orchestras and piano ensemble, and teaching for the Northern Arizona University Community Music and Dance Academy. These initial teaching experiences prompted her to pursue additional degrees in music and a career path that would enable her to share her passion with others.

Alexis recently relocated to San Antonio after receiving her master’s degree from the University of Oklahoma in May 2021. She studied applied piano with Dr. Jeongwon Ham and teaching with renowned pedagogues Dr. Barbara Fast and Dr. Jane Magrath. She is a member of the Music Teacher’s National Association and Sigma Alpha Iota International Music Fraternity. In addition to remaining active as a solo performer and collaborative pianist, Alexis is also a member of multiple chamber groups, including a piano duo and the Finitude Trio. She has been published in Piano Magazine and co-authored presentations featured at the MTNA National Conference, and looks forward to continuing to grow as a pianist and teacher in Texas.