Stone Oak

All age level

Bachelor in Music and Psychology
Trinity University

Teaching Philosophy

Music is a medium through which we are able to not only express ourselves but to also discover new things about ourselves, others, and our surroundings. My approach to music composition centers around the idea that tools such as music theory and analysis are best intended to enhance and amplify the ideas of a composer. The core of composition, however, comes from the writer’s intuition and curiosity. I strive to encourage students’ musical intuition by fostering experimentation, creativity, and “playing in the mud” with sound, texture, instrumentation, and more.

Encouraging experimentation and creativity is useful for composers of all ages, experience, and background! I will work with students through a variety of methods that fit to their strengths and encourage growth—at the piano, on the computer, with recordings, or classic pencil and paper— using melodic and harmonic structures to build upon a student’s original and unique voice.


Emily is a graduate of Trinity University, where she specialized in piano performance and composition. Piano has been a part of her life for as long as she can remember, and she uses this in almost every aspect of her everyday activities. Her own interests include improvisation, reading, and painting—and you’ll often find her hiking or camping on the weekends during the cooler months.

Emily is so happy to be a part of the MACSA mission to inspire students through musical creativity and expression!