Learning an instrument can cause beneficial changes in the brain, and learning at a young age results in the most significant changes. When you teach children to play an instrument, it helps their memory and reading skills improve. It also helps them to feel happier and less stressed.

And, of course, you teach them the joys of music.

But what instruments are best for children to learn? That’s what we’re covering today. Keep reading to learn which instruments are best for a child to learn.


The piano is one of the best instruments for children to learn. It’s usually recommended for kids in elementary school or older, but children can start playing younger as well.

There are many benefits of teaching a child how to play piano, such as improving mood and social skills. Kids can also learn to play their favorite songs, making learning the instrument fun for them.

Kids of all ages can learn to play the piano. It teaches them essential skills, such as concentration. It also helps them enhance fine motor skills and improve their self-esteem.

The piano is such an excellent option for children because they can make a pleasant sound easily—all they have to do is press a key. They’ll find it simple to play melodies and can gain a sense of accomplishment faster than with other types of instruments.

The piano is the basis of many types of music, and learning to play opens up many possibilities for learning other instruments. Children can continue to develop their skills for years to come.


The guitar is one of the most popular instruments people want to learn. In fact, it’s the most popular instrument in the world.

Letting your child take music lessons for guitar can teach them the joys of strumming away early on.

Kids can emulate their favorite musicians and learn to play some of their favorite music. It’s also a great instrument to get started with and is relatively easy to pick up and learn. Kids will learn to develop a dexterity that can help them learn other instruments as well.

The guitar is often recommended for kids in middle school or high school.

Flute or Clarinet

The flute or clarinet are two popular musical instruments kids often start learning young, usually around middle school or high school. While they can start to learn younger, they have to learn to lift the instrument properly, and this can take some coordination and skill.

The recorder is one of the easiest woodwinds to pick up, and young children often try learning it at home or in music lessons at school. The recorder is often used as a type of introductory instrument to the flute or clarinet. Both instruments use a similar finger positioning.

It takes patience to learn to play the flute well. Kids need to learn to hold their arms and hands in a lifted position, which can teach young kids discipline.


The violin is one of the more difficult instruments to learn to play, but it can be rewarding! Kids willing to accept the challenges of playing the violin will benefit most from taking music lessons. Mastering this instrument can teach them they can accomplish whatever they put their mind to.

Learning the violin takes a lot of manual dexterity and a knack for intonation. The violin can sound a little screechy at first until kids learn how to play it better. Music lessons for children interested in the violin can help them learn important techniques and encourage them to practice.

Once they learn how to play well, they’ll feel a great sense of accomplishment.


Many parents and kids like the ukulele due to its small size and the fact it’s lightweight. This makes it easy for kids to pick up and start playing.

It’s fairly simple for kids to pick up and learn a few chords. It’s also quieter than some of the other instruments on the list, which can be easier for parents that have to listen to their child practice for hours at home.

The ukulele can be a fun beginner instrument, though it might be a little harder to find an instructor compared to some of the other instruments on the list.


Although drums are one of the loudest instruments, they’re a ton of fun to learn. Teaching kids how to play the drums can serve as a great outlet for letting out emotions and dealing with aggression or frustration.

Learning the drums teach children about rhythm, which they can use to learn other instruments as well.

If the volume is a concern, there are now electronic drums that aren’t as loud since you can plug headphones in to practice.

Which Instrument Is Best for Your Child?

There are a lot of musical instruments out there perfect for kids to start learning. So what’s the best one?

If you want your child to stick with their lessons, ask them what they want to play and how serious they are about learning. Make sure that they want to learn to play a particular instrument. If they’re not into the idea of learning to play one, don’t push it.

Learning music should be a fun experience. If you want them to continue playing and growing as musicians, they have to spend many long hours practicing and striving to improve their skills. They won’t want to do it if they don’t enjoy what they’re playing!

If your child wants to learn a particular instrument, you can always ask an instructor if they’re ready. Age isn’t the only deciding factor; you should also consider their skills and their patience level, as well as how willing they are to practice.

We Can Teach Children the Joy of Music

Teaching children instruments also teaches them many important skills and life lessons. It can help them develop and learn new skills as well. Most importantly, they’ll discover the world of music and hopefully develop an appreciation and passion for it!

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