Are you tired of your kids spending countless time on their computers, tablets, and phones? If so, you should think about enrolling them in piano classes for kids. Not only does piano for kids helps improve brain elasticity but it can also help your child’s motor skills.

The best part is, you could also take part in these fun lessons and enroll in piano lessons for adults. But before enrolling the family in piano lessons, you’ll need to find the best instructors. So keep reading our helpful guide to finding the best piano lessons!

Choosing the Right Piano Classes for Kids

Learning a new skill can be very hard. Therefore, it’s very important to choose the best beginner piano lessons for kids and adults!

Have a List of What You Want to Accomplish from Piano Lessons

Before starting your search for the best piano lessons for adults and kids, ask yourself what you would like to accomplish. For example, do you prefer a one on one interaction?

Do you want to learn advanced lessons like music theory or just learn basic notes? All of these questions are important so you can tailor your searches to your specific wants.

And when thinking about learning piano for kids, you’ll want to ask similar questions. In addition, also ask yourself, how much time do you want your child or yourself to spend on this new skill.

Overall, be sure to ask yourself these questions. This way, you’re aware of what you’re buying!

Make Sure They Have Great Reviews

It’s amazing what a simple google search can tell you about an instructor. So before you book any piano for adults or kids, ensure the instruction is reputable!

You can start by talking to friends, family, or the community about any potential instructors you’re interested in. For example, you could go to your child’s school and ask a group coordinator or the music teacher, if they have any recommendations or knowledge about your potential instructor.

You could also visit your local music store and see if they have any flyers posted for piano instructors. And most music store owners know the best piano classes for kids and adults, so they can point you in the right direction.

Interview Any Potential Instructors before Hiring Them

During the interview process, you want to make sure you ask the right questions as their answers will set a precursor for how well the piano lessons will go.

The best instructors will be transparent and open about their services. They should also share their credentials. For example, where they studied piano, how long they’ve been teaching, and any relative experience.

Interview Questions to Ask Potential Instructors

Just think about it as a job interview– ask the questions that you know will show you who the best candidate is for the job! Down below we’ve provided some examples of some great questions to ask during the interview process:

  • How many years of teaching experience do you have
  • How many years of expert level piano knowledge do you have
  • What is your preferred teaching style
  • Do you have any testimonials from past students
  • Do you have any opportunities for my child to perform in any talent shows or recitals
  • How many hours of practice time is needed for your lessons
  • Do you offer private
  • What is the scope of your curriculum
  • What is your preferred music style
  • Do you have any certificates or awards
  • How do you evaluate a students performance

Finding the best teacher will be critical to your development as a pianist. So don’t be afraid to interview multiple teachers, before choosing the right one.

Don’t Commit Too Fast

if you think you have an instructor in mind, don’t jump the gun too fast. First, you should have one last interview in person, if possible. If the lessons are for your child, ensure that your child feels safe and comfortable around them.

If the lessons are for you, this interview should be used to really make sure this instructor can properly teach you and that you can follow their curriculum.

You could also go to any recitals of the prospective teacher’s students. This will indicate if their students are excelling. Lastly, take mental or physical notes so you can look back and make sure you’re making the right decision!

The First Lesson Will Tell You Everything

Once you’ve made your decision, you should still be on your guard just in case their words, don’t match up with their teaching style. So during the first lessons make sure that the instructor is going by what they said during the interview.

And if the lesson is for your child, ask the instructor if you can sit in on the first lesson– most instructors will be completely fine with this!

So once the lesson begins, pay attention to the way they answer any questions you may have. For example, are they dismissive or do they get frustrated by questions? Or do they openly discuss, in detail, all the questions you have for them?

You should also pay attention to their teaching style and if it matches up with what they said during the interview process. For example, if they said their teaching style was hands-on, are they sharing the piano so you can better see their hand motions? Or are they just giving you vocal instructions?

If you see that the lessons are not your style, don’t be afraid to start the process over again. After all, you don’t want to pay for a service that isn’t benefiting you!

The Best Piano for Kids

Now that you know how to find the best piano for kids and adults, you’ll be all set to start lessons. Always remember to ask questions and don’t be afraid to change your mind!

So if you think you’re ready to begin piano lessons, contact us today and make an appointment!