When you sit down for a piano lesson, you’re doing so much more than learning to play an instrument.

You’re also engaging your brain in mental exercises that can help it stay sharp and clear for a longer period of time. The cognitive benefits of piano playing cannot be overlooked, which gives you one more reason to start learning!

Today, we’re sharing three important ways piano lessons can strengthen your brain, so read on to discover all the details!


1. Improve Brain Neuroplasticity

Did you know that your brain can change over time?

Neuroplasticity refers to its ability to form new synaptic connections and reorganize them according to different events. Your brain most often changes form and function after you engage in physical activity, but mental exercises are just as important.

When you play the piano, you stimulate your brain in a very special way. With each note, you form new neural connections. These connections help make your brain stronger, communication easier, and even help you convey emotions more appropriately!

2. Strengthen Critical Thinking Skills

As you learn a new piece of piano music, you might not understand all of the notes at first, especially if you’re a beginner. That’s perfectly OK, and in fact, it’s excellent for your brain!

Critical thinking is the ability to move beyond simple memorization and apply true creative thought to solve a problem. For instance, as you press a particular key, you might find that it doesn’t fit well in the melody, and you learn to try again and adapt your approach.

As you become more comfortable with the keys, you’ll also be more willing to take risks with your compositions and you’ll grow more adept at multi-tasking. You may even find that you can sing while you play! From there, you can then apply these critical thinking skills to other areas of your life, developing creative solutions to any issues you encounter.

3. Improve Memory and Recall

By now, you may have seen the viral video of a man, who suffers from dementia, brilliantly playing a piece of piano music that he composed years ago. Meant to convey the healing power of music, the video also touches on another important point: the ability of music to aid in memory and recall.

As we age, our brain’s ability to process auditory signals tends to slow down. Yet, playing music can help slow this decline, allowing us to recall and remember key facts, events, and sequences for longer.

Reap the Lifelong Benefits of Piano Lessons

Are you curious about starting piano lessons in San Antonio? This is an exciting and rewarding pursuit at any age, whether you’re two years old or a senior.

Learning how to play the piano can open up new worlds of possibilities, helping your brain grow and develop and improving your overall quality of life. The benefits of piano lessons are great, and this short list is nowhere near exhaustive.

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