Hi Dr. Nix,

This is Max Feng. I’m one of your former voice students at MACSA during the spring of 2017. I wanted to thank you for being a wonderful teacher early on in my interest in music and voice. You helped to instill in me a love for music and singing. I’m forever grateful for the invaluable lessons you taught me. Since then, I’ve seen the power of music to connect individuals across different cultures, bring people together, and positively benefit the health of patients. It truly has changed my life for the better. (I also continue to try and practice your vocal exercises daily).

Music and voice also brought a natural interest in the field of Otolaryngology Head & Neck Surgery (ENT). I am now an ENT resident in Loma Linda, California. Part of my training includes Laryngology and Care of The Professional Voice, which involves restoring functionality to professional voice users. I believe my music background helps me better understand and care for my patients. It’s amazing how everything has come full circle, much of which began from your voice class.

Again, thank you for everything you’ve done. I know you’re continuing to inspire a generation of students.

Max Feng

Max Feng
There are great teachers at MACSA. My son uses Vida Scott and loves her.
Denise Thornton
He is fantastic especially with kids and lessons are via zoom or in person.
Shelly Harden
Fernando Davilla 210 8724153
Karina Lopez
MASCA- ask for Edna Longoria piano lessons. She’s incredible! So great with kids and very talented.
Kylee Robinson

Years ago when we moved back to San Antonio we hoped and prayed to get Ken Thompson as piano teacher for my children. It worked out! He was EXCELLENT, and he was an inspiration to them in music. Now he trains and manages a whole group of fine teachers. I highly recommend his group at MACSA!

John Willing

Many knowledgeable, approachable and friendly teachers are here, why go somewhere else?

Jason Nebeker

Fantastic teachers, great leaders!

Chris Cline

Musical Arts Center of San Antonio provides wonderful instruction for young singers and instrumental musicians in San Antonio.

Gaby Mabry

Good evening,

I am writing to commend your decision to provide online musical instruction and recommend that online lessons remain an option for the indefinite future. As COVID-19 has continued to be a problem, the reasonable business decisions of MACSA have been a comfort to see. My children are able, in the most stressful and unpredictable of times, to engage in the arts and continue to receive extracurricular enrichment when most other activities are restricted.

In addition, we have noted how the online lessons remove the stress of commuting to and from the center. From our home, it takes at least 30-45 minutes one way to reach MACSA. This means an hour to 1-1/2 hours of driving for a 30-minute lesson. This used to be frustrating for us as parents, as well as for the kids if they had a large amount of homework or tests. The teachers have been so wonderful that we wanted to keep with it, but to be honest, we probably would have discontinued lessons in the near future due to the inconvenience. Now that we have experienced quality instruction without the commute, I hope that even after COVID-19 has resolved, MACSA will continue to offer online lessons as a standard learning platform option for those families who may benefit from it. This would allow families that live farther from the center to take advantage of the instruction. Those who may have tight schedules with work or other activities no longer have to choose which kid has to miss their activity due to difficulty getting there in time. Please consider the utility of this possibility for your business.

Thank you for your time and attention to the needs of your clientele base.

The Ritter Family

Dear Sharon,

I know we expressed gratitude for your service to our family over the Zoom lesson today, but I wanted to document our gratitude in writing too. 🙂 Nate and I try to choose the extracurricular activities that our kids are involved in very intentionally. As a family of seven, time is limited and we want to do our best to spend it wisely. Piano lessons have always made the cut! This is due in large part because I felt like the thirty minutes my girls spent with you each week were not wasted. I knew they were getting quality instruction that could bless their lives if they let it.

You were endlessly patient and never made them feel lowly if they had not practiced or completed their theory work. You somehow combine the seemingly opposite character traits of being both laid back and upholding high standards–a winning combination for little kids who are learning a new skill! Thank you for using your fantastic piano and teaching talents to open the world of music to Ada and Lydia. I look forward to watching them build on the foundation you have created for them.

Good luck with your future career and your family. We are grateful for the three years we had under your wing.

The Tidwell Family

Our children loved going to visit Miss Brenda each week for piano lessons! We could tell they were having fun when they told us stories about all the games and activities they played in class, alongside learning the fundamentals of keyboard technique at an early age. I appreciated the thorough notes she provided to me each week, which gave me tips on how to reinforce concepts at home. Brenda Boyd is a joy to work with!

Nathan Cone, Texas Public Radio

My name is Emmanuel Ramirez and I was a student of Tom Vela for two years. When we first met I had virtually no experience with classical guitar technique or repertoire. However, in the two years I studied with Tom he helped me develop the skills and knowledge required to seriously study the instrument. Tom is an insightful instructor who readily identified my weaknesses as a player and gave me exercises to improve in those areas. He was always patient and fully dedicated during our classes. He was also able to find pieces which would be challenging but not discouraging.

Today I am currently studying Jazz performance at the Berklee College of Music. I feel safe saying that I was accepted to the school in large part thanks to Tom Vela’s instruction. To this date I still practice all of the exercises he taught me, every day. It was Tom who really pushed me as a player and helped me improve more than I ever had.

Most importantly, Tom helped me develop a love for classical guitar which keeps me practicing the instrument everyday.
I feel safe recommending Tom Vela as a guitar instructor to my friends and family.

Emmanuel Ramirez

“Playing the guitar… a passion in my son’s life”

During the 5 years Tom taught my son, Liam, he was reliable, patient, insightful, dedicated and focused all the while exceeding my expectations.

Apart from Tom’s professionalism, as a person and an instructor/mentor, I remember a session that defined Tom’s influence in my son’s music. Liam shared a couple of ideas/chords with Tom, and over time they both worked together to create Liam’s first original and complete song.

Throughout the years, Tom has inspired my son to be creative and taught him skills which were necessary to write original music.

It makes me happy to know that what started out as just being “cool” to play the guitar became one of Liam’s passions in life.

Yumi Alteneder

Our son took piano lessons for a year before we found Mrs. Sharon Robinson. Sharon is a remarkable piano teacher and mentor for anyone seeking an enjoyable experience during their piano studies. She is highly experienced and very professional which you can see in her lessons and in the results she creates in her students. She will push students to do their utmost best with every piece, paying attention with utmost patience to the technical details. She never lets our two sons get away with shortcuts or mistakes. I am grateful for that because I know they will learn to play each piece the right way. I would recommend Sharon for anyone looking to build a solid base, an enjoyable music education and for anyone willing to work hard for results.

Rasika G.

Mrs. Sharon is an amazing music teacher. She has taught me everything I know about music today. I have learned piano from her for the last seven years and it has been worth it. I will always recommend her as a piano teacher to everyone. She is really kind and always listens to me and encourages me even if I mess up my music piece. I appreciate all her hard work in teaching me.

Parth G., student, 7th grade

I like Mrs. Sharon because she always jokes around. She will teach me anything that I request for. She is really polite even when I forget to complete my theory homework. She always attends my performances and theory tests. She always gives me candy after the class is over. Best of all, she never gives up on me.

Mihir G., student, 3rd grade

Sharon was the perfect first piano teacher for both of our kids. Thanks to her ability to connect with them, they both continue to play music to this day. Lessons with Ms. Sharon were always fun, but at the same time were structured and you could see progress from week to week. She held them accountable, and that was very important to us. She brought the right balance of theory, technique, and musical variety to keep the kids engaged.

Jill & David R.

I began taking lessons with Ms. Sharon when I was in third grade. She helped me to learn at a quick pace, and it didn’t take long before I was playing advanced music with her. Once I got older, I wanted to deviate from strictly learning and memorizing music. Ms. Sharon began to teach me about chord theory and composition, and I was soon able to write my own arrangements of popular songs and hymns. I’m now a junior in high school, and continue to play music. Ms. Sharon’s teaching formed the foundation of my love for music.

Emily R., former student, grade 11

I started with Ms. Sharon when I was eight. She set me on the musical path that I’m on today. Though I have switched primary instruments, the foundation of musical knowledge that she gave me has allowed me to achieve success at the high school level. I play the upright bass, so I couldn’t exactly march in marching band this past fall. Instead, my director put me on the synthesizer. And thanks to Ms. Sharon, and my years of piano lessons, I was able to have a fun marching season!

Nathan R., former student, 9th grade

Mrs. Sharon is the best teacher ever! She is kind and caring to all her students. When I get nervous about a performance she knows just what to say to cheer me up and make me feel confident again. If I were going to rate Mrs. Sharon I’d give her five stars!

Abcde B., student, 4th grade

As an adult with no music experience I was very hesitant to try and learn piano. After watching my children flourish under Sharon’s instruction I resolved to give it a try. Sharon has been such an amazing teacher. I am so impressed with her ability to tailor her instruction to any age level and ability. She really knows how to bring out the best in everyone of us, whether she’s teaching my daughter who is more advanced or my son and me who are still beginners. I highly recommend her to anyone wanting to play piano, from beginners to advanced.

Tamara B.

Our daughter, Jenna, has taken piano from Ms. Sharon for almost five years. Sharon is a gifted teacher who has provided Jenna with an excellent musical foundation not only in piano, but also in music theory. Jenna also plays cello in orchestra and has a deeper knowledge of music from of her training with Ms. Sharon compared to so many other students at school. The musical foundation Ms. Sharon has given her has made her a better cellist as well as pianist. She’s also provided her many opportunities to develop as a performer. Ms. Sharon has cultivated a love of music and performing that will be lifelong. Not only is she a fantastic teacher, but also a wonderful person! She has a great connection with our daughter. Jenna always looks forward to seeing Ms Sharon every week!

Daryla G.

I have been taking from Sharon for 5 years now and I have nothing but positive things to say about her. She has provided such a strong foundation for me in music, giving me the opportunity to explore my talents and help me improve. Sharon is an extremely hard worker and she genuinely cares about each and every one of her students. She has been such a great mentor to me and has provided a wonderful environment to thrive in with the piano. Besides all the things I said above, she is one of the most organized teachers that I’ve ever had. This has really been a blessing to me because it keeps lessons very focused and productive. She is one of the best teachers I have had.

Jenna G., student, 9th grade

I have been taking lessons from Mrs. Sharon for about 7 years now and I am incredibly lucky that I’ve had the chance to learn from her for so long. She is a phenomenal teacher who I credit with creating my love of piano and music. She opens my eyes to new things in my playing that not all piano teachers can see. I couldn’t be the musician I am without her guidance. Aside from being a great teacher, she is a very nice and easy to talk to about anything. I’m happy that I’ve had Mrs. Sharon as my piano teacher for all these years.

Jenna G., student, 10th grade

Sharon has been teaching my daughter for many years but the lessons go far beyond piano. Sharon’s well rounded approach has taught my daughter many styles of playing while maintaining a focus on music theory. Sharon’s guidance has helped develop my daughter from simply playing the piano into becoming a musician. My daughter looks forward to her lessons and her time with Sharon each week.

Lisa C.

Simply put, we feel we are quite privileged to be able to study piano with Omar Granados. Accomplished, knowledgeable, patient, sensitive, and humble. We cannot imagine studying with anyone else!

Kimberly and Kate Reeves

Victoria has been Mr. Granados’ student since January 2015. In just nine short months, we have seen our daughter advance considerably in her piano studies. Mr. Granados has taught her how to study a piece of music before playing it and how to break a song down into several smaller pieces. He is very encouraging and they cover as much as Victoria is prepared for at each lesson. She feels happy to practice at home and is always eager to go to her lesson with Mr. Granados. We are very happy with her progress and know that it is due in no small part to Mr. Granados’ efforts and teaching style.

Carla Katselnik

Our children, Josh and Erin Butts, became students of Mr. Granados when their previous teacher moved away about 8 years ago. As a parent, I appreciate Omar’s gentle way of insisting on excellency. When I asked the kids what they most appreciated about him, their responses were:
Josh, who was Omar’s student from 12 years old until he graduated, said, “I’d say most of all his enthusiasm; it showed through his lessons and made me enjoy the music I was learning, which definitely helped me learn more naturally!”

Erin, 16 years old has been his student since she was 8, said, “His attention to detail, his patience, and his encouragement of ‘artistic-ness’.

Debra Butts

Our daughter Ramya Kappaganthula has been associated with MACSA for almost 7 years now. Out of that she has been a student of Mr.Granados for 5 years. Our experience with Granados has been really wonderful. Ramya really progressed a lot all these years and has grown into learning piano such that she has been participating in lot of competitions too. Under the guidance of Granados, she has been won many accolades. Mr. Granados has been really helpful and patient with our daughter and we really want to thank Mr.Granados for all.

Anjana Kappaganthula

Mr. Omar Granados is an excellent male role model for my daughter when he patiently teaches piano. He encourages her to reach her potential to learn music. He understands that she needs individual instruction and he makes recitals fun and entertaining. Her favorite event is the fall recital because Omar encourages her to dress in costume!

I am very happy to have Mr Omar Granados teach my daughter because he tailors his lessons to help with our family dynamics. He is so graceful when I tell him I can not make certain my daughter can learn the weekly skills. He works diligently to make certain my daughter learns to play piano because I strongly believe music is the most important thing I want my daughter to understand.

Ms. Pearson

Good morning everyone!

I wanted to thank all of you and your children for making this musical such an wonderful experience for us all. The Musical performance was delightful, funny, and such a joy to watch. Thank you to all the characters, all of you made it simply marvelous! I also want to thank you for make it so fun for not a day of practice went by without our daughters come home laughing.

It was wonderful to see all the families, giving of themselves to help collect all the necessary items, helping with the set up, and of course with all the food. Thank you Mrs. Cooley for getting us the 9 volt batteries your generosity made it possible for all of us to hear the performance.

We are so grateful for the lady who made it all possible, Dr. Cathy Nix and her son Adam. Please thank Adam for us for all of his hard work, for we all got to see the fruits of his work and contribution. Thank you so much Dr. Nix for you truly are a beacon of joy and love which shines on our children. May God continue to bless you and guide you in all of your work and future endeavors. Thank you for allowing us all, including our children, to work together as the one big family God calls us to be.

God bless,


Kenneth Thompson of MACSA and his teacher colleagues and students have exceeded every expectation in the partnerships with the San Antonio Symphony over the last nine years, most notably for a set of our award-winning Young People’s Concerts in which two of Mr. Thompson’s highly-advanced students performed the solo piano parts to Saint-Saëns’ Carnival of the Animals with the orchestra on the Tobin Center stage. With rigorous and carefully-guided preparation from Mr. Thompson that included arranging his own accompaniment part and study of the orchestral score, the students – Helen Nebeker and Rhiannon Bishop – performed brilliantly, to the acclaim of attending teachers, students and members of the orchestra. We look forward to a renewed collaboration with Mr. Thompson and MACSA for a similar set of concerts this coming year!

Jeremy Brimhall, Symphony

Beginning when he was five years old. From our first interaction with her, we knew we were in good hands. Her ability to make music theory and concepts understandable for young children is extraordinary. And as parents who do not play musical instruments, Ms. Yan has guided us in knowing how to assist our child in advancing his playing skills, allowing us to remain active participants in his learning. But for me as a mother, I have been most appreciative of Ms. Yan’s determination to find music that excites my son and motivates him to master his performance of the pieces. The best compliment I could give Ms. Yan is that any of my children would be lucky to have her as a piano instructor, which is why she is now teaching my younger son as well!

Samantha Scarnato

It’s truly remarkable how much all three have progressed in just one year as her students. Dorothy has high expectations of my children and then does a great job helping them meet those expectations each week. I like how she knows just how much to challenge them so that they can reach new levels without getting frustrated. She prepares them well for all their recitals, competitions, and theory tests so they do very well and so the experience builds their confidence. Most importantly, my children simply enjoy learning piano from Dorothy.

Kelly Muck

We highly recommend Dorothy Yan and are lucky to be a part of her musical program. Our son has been taking lessons with her for three years now; he is doing great. We love the discipline she instills in her students and her expectation of them is realistic. We know that the skills he is learning through piano especially with Ms. Yan by his side, will be life long ones that he will be able to apply in every step of his future. Thank you MACSA and thank you Ms. Yan.

Salinas Family

Since 2010, our daughter has taken piano lessons from several of the highly qualified and nurturing teachers at MACSA.

She has been under the instruction of Ms. Dorothy Yan for the past year and a half. As a parent, I appreciate Dorothy’s well-organized lesson plans, which allow our daughter to work independently towards measurable goals and for us to clearly understand our child’s progress. Because Ms. Dorothy is a member of various musical associations, her students have numerous opportunities to showcase their hard work, whether it be participating in competitions, festivals, or recitals. One exciting advancement our daughter has made with Ms. Dorothy is the ability to emotionally connect to each piece of music she learns and to successfully deliver it to an audience. Most importantly, Ms. Dorothy has fostered a love of learning piano in our daughter.

Charlee Wunderlin

Music is very important in our family and so finding a great instructor was critical. I am grateful that we were referred to Dorothy Yan and she has taught our twin boys for the last couple of years. Besides being a talented pianist, Dorothy is very upbeat, positive and enthusiastic. She started our boys with the basics and since then we are very happy with the progress they’ve made with her. Dorothy really cares about helping them to learn and improve. She works very well with boys and that can be important to help them stay focused. She always lets us know what musical events are occurring, whether it includes student recitals, competitions or general musical opportunities. It’s clear that Dorothy is very committed to her students and giving them a great education.

Sorensen Family

It gives me great pleasure to write about Ms. Dorothy Yan, who has been my children Anand (aged 13 ) and Shloka’s (aged 9) piano teacher for the last 3 years. She is an excellent teacher who has helped my kids reach the level they are at. My son has been learning piano since the age of 4 and he had reached a stage when he did not like it anymore and was not advancing in piano at all. That’s when we made a switch to Ms Yan. Ms Yan is an excellent example of a teacher who knows how to change her teaching methods based on the individual student’s needs. She has so many different ways of teaching and so many different techniques up her sleeve to motivate her students. She definitely instilled the love for piano back in my son. My daughter loves her as well and wants to do very well because of her.

Ms. Yan is also very active in the SAMTA and is the president of the music teachers association this year. She encourages my kids to participate in different events in town, as well as compete in different competitions, challenges them and definitely brings out the best in them.
She is very respectful of our time and I feel my kids get the best out of their lesson time with her.

She is a very disciplined teacher and has expectations from my kids about practice time, maintaining logs, etc. and I think that has instilled a sense of responsibility in my kids. They know that piano practice is an essential part of their day. Everyone in my family loves her and we are very thankful to have found her as our teacher.”

Valavalkar Family

Dorothy Yan has taught three of my children piano over the past five years. She is a gifted pianist and instructor, and I have been amazed at the progress my children have made under her teaching. She has always found the right balance between pushing them to achieve a higher level of excellence at piano while preventing them from becoming frustrated with goals that are too demanding. I particularly see the pay off of her teaching in my oldest daughter. At age eleven, she now frequently participates in piano competitions under Dorothy’s direction. As I walk by our living room, I am thrilled to hear her talent as she is practicing piano. I know this is the direct result of Dorothy’s excellent teaching, guidance and encouragement. I would highly recommend her to prospective students.

Carlin Family

With Mr. Thompson’s leadership, the teachers at MACSA are exceptional. My son started piano lessons around 4 y/o with Ms. Brenda Boyd whose expertise, patience & gentleness are unmatched, especially with trying to bring focus to a preschooler! He is now with Ms. Pamela Fischer for the past few years, whose expertise and teaching skills are outstanding, not to mention her professionalism and kindness. I highly and enthusiastically recommend MACSA for anyone who wants to play a musical instrument!!

Ann Bass

MACSA takes the time to ensure the students and teachers are properly matched to ensure that goals, personalities, and style are in alignment.

Jerry Griffith

As a parent, I am so pleased to have found MACSA from the start of my children’s musical journey. MACSA offers a range of musical instruction by a select group of highly trained and dedicated teachers who are professionals in their respective fields. My two daughters have taken piano lessons for over six years at MACSA. We are thankful for the quality instruction and also the musical performance opportunities.


MACSA is a music school with high quality teachers who are accomplished professionals and excellent musicians themselves. The teachers really care about their students and are truly serious about helping them with their musical goals and dreams. I highly recommend MACSA to anyone who wants their kids or themselves to have a higher level of musical education.

Libni Ortiz-Valles

The teachers at this studio are top notch! There are plenty of performance opportunities for the students both within the studio and at public and private venues. And the events are run like a well oiled machine, making them a positive and encouraging experience for the musicians, their families and the audience. I highly recommend MACSA!!!

Debbie Castillo
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