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MACSA has had thousands of competition winners in National, State, and Local competitions. MACSA Alumni have been accepted with scholarships to the top music schools in the world and several have moved on to perform throughout the world.

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John Beard

John Beard

Violin, Viola, Piano, Chamber Music

Paula Beard - Violin Instructor

Paula Beard

Violin, Viola, Chamber Music

Brenda Boyd

Brenda Boyd

Preschool Piano Specialist

Erin Cooke - Piano Instructor

Erin Cooke

Piano, Cello

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Clarisa De la Garza

Vida Scott

Vida Scott

Piano, Voice

Ken Thompson

Ken Thompson

Advanced Piano Coach


Good evening,

I am writing to commend your decision to provide online musical instruction and recommend that online lessons remain an option for the indefinite future. As COVID-19 has continued to be a problem, the reasonable business decisions of MACSA have been a comfort to see. My children are able, in the most stressful and unpredictable of times, to engage in the arts and continue to receive extracurricular enrichment when most other activities are restricted.

In addition, we have noted how the online lessons remove the stress of commuting to and from the center. From our home, it takes at least 30-45 minutes one way to reach MACSA. This means an hour to 1-1/2 hours of driving for a 30-minute lesson. This used to be frustrating for us as parents, as well as for the kids if they had a large amount of homework or tests. The teachers have been so wonderful that we wanted to keep with it, but to be honest, we probably would have discontinued lessons in the near future due to the inconvenience. Now that we have experienced quality instruction without the commute, I hope that even after COVID-19 has resolved, MACSA will continue to offer online lessons as a standard learning platform option for those families who may benefit from it. This would allow families that live farther from the center to take advantage of the instruction. Those who may have tight schedules with work or other activities no longer have to choose which kid has to miss their activity due to difficulty getting there in time. Please consider the utility of this possibility for your business.

Thank you for your time and attention to the needs of your clientele base.

The Ritter Family

Dear Sharon,

I know we expressed gratitude for your service to our family over the Zoom lesson today, but I wanted to document our gratitude in writing too. :) Nate and I try to choose the extracurricular activities that our kids are involved in very intentionally. As a family of seven, time is limited and we want to do our best to spend it wisely. Piano lessons have always made the cut! This is due in large part because I felt like the thirty minutes my girls spent with you each week were not wasted. I knew they were getting quality instruction that could bless their lives if they let it.

You were endlessly patient and never made them feel lowly if they had not practiced or completed their theory work. You somehow combine the seemingly opposite character traits of being both laid back and upholding high standards–a winning combination for little kids who are learning a new skill! Thank you for using your fantastic piano and teaching talents to open the world of music to Ada and Lydia. I look forward to watching them build on the foundation you have created for them.

Good luck with your future career and your family. We are grateful for the three years we had under your wing.

The Tidwell Family

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