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Boost Your Confidence and Let Your Voice Be Heard

Singing/Voice Lessons - MACSA

Whether you are new to singing or have been performing for a while, our private voice lessons can help you take your skills to the next level. Our caring singing instructors have the experience needed to improve weaknesses, hone your strengths and give you the confidence to perform in front of an audience if that is your goal.

We offer both private adult voice lessons and singing lessons for kids so that everyone will feel welcome at our school. If you are ready to see how far your voice can take you, contact us today to sign up.

Sing From the Heart: From Classical to Contemporary

At the Musical Arts Center of San Antonio, Inc, our instructors are highly trained in a wide range of musical genres, from musical theater and classical singing to contemporary singing. No matter what type of music you are passionate about, we are here to support you. Continue reading to learn more.

Classical Singing & Musical Theater

Our instructors are trained in the art of classical singing, which serves as the basis for all genres. We work with adults, children, beginners, and trained professionals.

Contemporary Music

Do you want to perform contemporary solos or performance pieces with ease? Using our classical training as a basis, we’ll help you develop your voice so it can shine.

“Real-Life” Singing

Are you passionate about jazz, rock, country, the blues, or another non-classical genre? We can create a unique program for you, building on classical techniques so that you can take your passion to the next level.

How Our Voice Lessons in San Antonio Work

Step 1: Sign Up for a Meet and Greet

Contact us today to schedule your first private singing lesson and determine if your school is the right choice. As a bonus, your first lesson is on us.

Step 2: Develop Your Skills

We’ll help you set achievable goals and work with you to develop your skills using proven classical methods for the best results. We are always here to help you push past roadblocks and grow as a musician.

Step 3: Take Center Stage

There is no pressure to perform, but we host several performances a year if you’d like to show off your skills to friends, family, and loved ones.

How Much Do Our Singing Lessons in San Antonio Cost?

The cost of your lessons will depend on the length and frequency of your sessions. However, we offer great rates on all our programs so everyone can enjoy quality music instruction. Contact us today for current rates.

Join Us for Voice Lessons in San Antonio Today

At Musical Arts Center of San Antonio, Inc, we can’t wait to help you express yourself. Contact us for singing lessons in San Antonio today.

Meet Our Voice Teachers

Jacob Cantu, Voice Stone Oak and North West

Jacob Cantu

Stone Oak and North West

Lisa Flores, Voice Stone Oak

Lisa Flores

Stone Oak

Meghan Henry, Voice Stone Oak and North West

Meghan Henry

Stone Oak and North West

Rachel Holdman, Voice Stone Oak and North West

Rachel Holdman

Stone Oak and North West

Dr. Catherine, Nix Voice Stone Oak and North West

Dr. Catherine Nix

Stone Oak and North West

Vida Scott, Voice Stone Oak and North West

Vida Scott

Stone Oak and North West

Maggie Wolfe, Voice Stone Oak and North West

Maggie Wolfe

Stone Oak and North West

What Our Clients Are Saying

Hi Dr. Nix,

This is Max Feng. I’m one of your former voice students at MACSA during the spring of 2017. I wanted to thank you for being a wonderful teacher early on in my interest in music and voice. You helped to instill in me a love for music and singing. I’m forever grateful for the invaluable lessons you taught me. Since then, I’ve seen the power of music to connect individuals across different cultures, bring people together, and positively benefit the health of patients. It truly has changed my life for the better. (I also continue to try and practice your vocal exercises daily).

Music and voice also brought a natural interest in the field of Otolaryngology Head & Neck Surgery (ENT). I am now an ENT resident in Loma Linda, California. Part of my training includes Laryngology and Care of The Professional Voice, which involves restoring functionality to professional voice users. I believe my music background helps me better understand and care for my patients. It’s amazing how everything has come full circle, much of which began from your voice class.

Again, thank you for everything you’ve done. I know you’re continuing to inspire a generation of students.

Max Feng

Max Feng