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Little girl learning piano with teacher“How do I find the right teacher?”

Finding and choosing the right teacher for the right point in your child’s musical journey can be ‘make or break’. It’s not just about the right qualifications, it’s also about personality and the patience to support your child at an important stage in their development.

For many parents, knowing what to look for in a music teacher can be a challenge – especially if you’re new to music lessons. But don’t worry!

At Musical Arts Center San Antonio, we’ll make sure your child gets a teacher with the right qualifications AND the right personality to inspire them.

MACSA teachers aren’t just experienced performers and instructors, they’re also skilled communicators. They’re here to encourage your child’s learning style while keeping them engaged and developing their love of music.

We’ll recommend the best teacher for your child’s specific experience, style and character using our successful teacher-student matching process. You can even meet some of our recommended teachers before choosing the best fit yourself. Just ask!


Little girl taking online piano classIn-person or online lessons… or both?

Some children like to learn online in their own home, while others enjoy visiting a music teacher in an educational environment designed to help them develop their abilities.

While in-person lessons are still popular at both our San Antonio locations, online lessons have also become increasingly popular with students across the state and beyond over the past year.

However your child prefers to learn, it’s important to consider practicalities like travel time and equipment. So at MACSA we offer in-person and online classes – and even a mix of both for students who wish to visit us as well as learn at home.


Girl learning guitar from her teacherLesson scheduling: working with your family’s calendar

Most students learn best with a reliable and settled schedule, so it’s a good idea to stick to a routine with similar lesson times each week. Not all music schools provide consistent scheduling though, which can make things difficult for families with busy calendars.

But at MACSA we won’t cancel on you or switch lesson plans around. We know how important it is for you and your family to have a schedule you can rely on.

Your child can enjoy regular lessons with their preferred teacher at the same time each week. They’ll feel comfortable in their routine and you can organize your schedule more easily – even if you have more than one child receiving lessons.


Musical arts centerLocation & equipment

For in-person lessons, choose a teaching location you can reach conveniently so bringing your child to lessons regularly doesn’t become a chore.

To get the most out of your investment in piano lessons, we strongly recommend that students practice on a piano or keyboard at home in between lessons. Don’t have a piano or keyboard in your home? Not to worry! MACSA has a list of recommended retail partners that can rent you a piano or keyboard at affordable monthly rates.

MACSA has two recently refurbished San Antonio locations ready to welcome you. Our North West and Stone Oak facilities are fully equipped with pianos and other instruments, and are easily accessible by car. Click below for more info about our locations.


Little boy learning piano with teacher‘Going the extra mile’: what else should I know?

Learning music is about more than just a regular lesson plan. Your child should have the opportunity to develop as a student and as a person – and of course have fun!

While for parents it’s obviously important to know you’re in safe hands, and can rely on a school’s reputation and processes (who are the teachers, and what are their specialties? How do tuition fees work?) Any school you contact should be able to answer your questions.

At MACSA we’ve been proud to serve the San Antonio and wider communities for over 20 years. Our friendly staff are always available to help, and we believe our highly experienced teaching faculty are the best in Texas.

We offer regular performance opportunities for students, and many MACSA alumni have gone on to enjoy professional careers in music or study at prestigious schools. We’re immensely proud of ALL our students, past and present, and are dedicated to bringing the joy of music to as many people as possible.

Want to know more about music lessons for children at MACSA, or try our free teacher matching process? Just click below. We can’t wait to meet you!


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What is MACSA?

The Musical Arts Center of San Antonio was founded in 1999 by award-winning piano teacher Kenneth Thompson, to bring inspiring music lessons to students of all ages.

For over twenty years MACSA’s teachers have taught piano, guitar, violin, singing and more to tens of thousands of students in Texas and beyond.

With over 35 experienced and renowned teachers, two fully-equipped locations in San Antonio and online lessons also available, we’re proud to offer the best music teaching faculty in Texas. We also have regular performance opportunities for students to show off their talents!

Now we’d love to encourage and support your child on their musical journey… It all starts with finding the right teacher to guide them.

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