Stone Oak

Voice, Guitar (Acoustic and Electric), Bass, Ukulele, Guitarron, Vihuela
(Musical Styles from Classical to Folk to Rock to Metal to Country to Ethnic)

Student level: Beginner to Advanced
Voice: 10 yrs old – adult (younger than 10 yrs by audition only)
Guitar & Bass: 10 yrs old – adult
Ukulele: 8 yrs old – adult

Bachelor of Arts in Music and Vocal Performance, St. Mary’s University

Teaching Philosophy

Over 25 years of teaching experience. Mr. Granado focuses on proper voice and guitar techniques, basic to advanced, utilizing classical methods of emphasizing correct breathing and sound production applied to today’s musical styles. He encourages his students’ development with consistent practice routine and goal setting. He provides opportunities for students to excel and apply their skills in a real world environment, including the inclusive bi-annual Rock Show, open to all students registered at MACSA.


Prior to teaching at MACSA, Mr. Granado taught at other San Antonio area music schools and public schools. He served as a consultant during the initial development of the John Jay High School Mariachi, teaching the rhythm section (guitar, guitarron, vihuela) both as a group and individually, in preparation for performances. He has performed extensively both on the concert stage, including Faure’s “Requiem” and the Spanish zarzuela, “La Verbena de la Paloma”, and as a Mariachi musician.

While at St. Mary’s and San Antonio College, Mr. Granado’s vocal trainers included Dr. Evelyn Troxler, Cruz Romo (Master Class), Gerald Souzay (Master Class), Gail Berman, and Irene Liden.