Stone Oak

Classical Guitar
Ages 8 and up, all levels

Bachelor of Music in Guitar Performance, The Conservatory of Music of Puerto Rico
Post baccalaureate classes in composition

Teaching Philosophy

“Music is poetry for the heart and soul”

As a maestro of the classical guitar, Mr. Berrios teaches his students, which start at the early age of eight to adult. The students will learn how to hold the guitar, posture, the parts of the guitar and the music knowledge needed to develop a sound musical foundation. The methodology and pedagogy that is to be applied is determined by age and the factor of knowledge and skill the student brings with him.

He believes, as a pedagogical principle, in the harmonious development of all the faculties of the student : mentally, physically, and morally, that is, training the head, hands and heart.  As a music teacher, Mr. Berrios is focused on the three elements of musical linguistics which are : phonology (sound), music syntax (structure) and semantics (sound + structure = meaning). These three elements are essentially present in the learning process of the Classical Guitar, where the student will learn to analyze, apply, and express himself in a simple way.


Luis E. Berrios, born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, received his first guitar lesson at the age of ten from his father, who was an accomplished guitarist and had studied the classical guitar. Looking forward with the endeavor of accomplishing his dream as a classical guitarist, he was determined to pursue higher studies.

In the classical genre, Mr. Berrios has played as soloist in places such as: Casa Blanca, TV and Radio shows, The Institute of Culture, The Governor’s House (for the governor and special guests), Film Music, Concerts at the Conservatory of Music, Fine Arts Concert Hall, Convention Centers, the best hotels in town, the Inauguration of Café del Puerto in old San Juan, sharing the stage with the distinguished international pianist Jesus Maria Sanroma.

Mr. Berrios has also achieved what many musicians have failed to do, which has been blending the three elements: classical, pop, and jazz into one unique personal style. He has played with: orchestras, ensembles, trios, vocal accompanist, and has performed with the best fold musical groups in Puerto Rico, partaking in the endeavor of preserving the musical heritage and cultural entity of Puerto Rican music. As a composer he has written music for instruments such as: the guitar, piano, woodwinds, string orchestra, brass, band and full orchestra.

Mr. Berrios also played guitar in a Documentary –  “LA SOMBRA DE UNA HUELLA.”