Ages 5-Adults. Beginner-Intermediate

Bachelor of Science in Music Education, Grace University

Teaching Philosophy

I have enjoyed playing piano for the last 20 years. I teach because I like sharing the gift of music and the many benefits that can come with making music.

I believe music is one of the most amazing forms of expression that can help us connect with ourselves, others and the world around us. My main goals for my students are that they develop a growing connection with music and that through music they may connect better with themselves and others. I take into account my students’ musical preferences and use them as a starting point for their playing. Then I seek to expose them to diverse composers and music genres from classical to popular music. I like to make connections between a piece of music and the student’s personal experiences, goals and passions. My hope is that every student will enjoy the process and build good learning and practicing habits and be set up for life-long musical growth.


Elisa grew up in central Mexico and started her musical journey at a young age, taking piano lessons and performing regularly with her church band and local youth orchestra. She moved to Omaha, Nebraska to attend college and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Music Education from Grace University in 2016. Elisa has 10 years of experience teaching piano lessons. She also taught general music with Omaha Public Schools for four years. She is an avid music learner and is currently pursuing a degree in music production with Berklee College of Music. Besides teaching, Elisa enjoys performing, composing, and producing her own music. Other hobbies of hers are hiking, rock climbing and traveling.