Stone Oak and North West

5 and up, Beginning to Advanced

Bachelor of Music in Piano Performance, Abilene Christian University
Master of Music in Piano Pedagogy, Texas Tech University
Doctor of Musical Arts in Piano Pedagogy, Texas Tech University

Teaching Philosophy

I believe that a willingness to engage in music-making is the only thing a person needs to start music lessons. As a piano teacher, my priority is to prove from the first lesson that there is not a special gene or trait that is needed to play the piano. From young children, to adult beginners, to advanced, college-level musicians, I strive to show each student how to make music at the piano with enjoyment and confidence.

While the musical goal may differ depending on the student, the lesson, or the day, my instruction has a foundation of strong piano technique. My methodology involves helping students find “tools for the toolbox” which they can use and develop upon their whole lives. With my guidance and encouragement, I believe that my students can find their own path to success if they learn to self-assess, ask questions, and remain open-minded to new ideas.

No matter the purpose or genre of music, I encourage my students to make applications independently and to go beyond an ability to play a given piece of repertoire – I push them to perform everything with intention while developing a sound and technique that will be useful in any future endeavor. My ultimate wish for all of my students is that they pursue a healthy understanding of how to improve and a confidence in their abilities as learners, which can serve them in many other areas of their lives. Music can be enjoyed in various ways, and I am committed to serving as a helpful guide, no matter the goal, to lead my students to success.


Dr. Brooke Trapp Schoen has been an active pianist and teacher in West Texas for the past 12 years and is looking forward to furthering her career in San Antonio. After earning a Bachelor of Music at Abilene Christian University, Brooke spent the next 6 years pursing a master’s followed by a doctorate in piano at Texas Tech University. Brooke chose an emphasis in piano pedagogy for her graduate degrees so that she could focus on improving her teaching of beginning-level students and research areas of piano teaching that are less commonly pursued, such as beginning jazz.

In Lubbock, TX, Brooke was an active member of the community with both accompanying and teaching positions at two universities as well as a private studio of beginning piano students. Brooke is excited to start teaching at MACSA and is hoping to seek out new collaborative projects in performance as well as continue to look for new ways to teach beginning through advanced students in a highly engaging and artistic way.

As newlyweds, Brooke and her husband are thrilled for this new adventure in San Antonio. In her spare time, Brooke likes to hang out with her husband, Holly the dog, and Bowser the cat. Her favorite activities include watching Netflix, trying out new recipes, and going to coffee shops.